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Life of a Mythic: Casting divine light on Atlas & Prometheus’ owner





Mortal, have you ever wondered what it must be like to hold one-of-the-seven Mythic cards in Gods Unchained? What would drive someone to go the extra mile and collect not one but two rare 1/1 Mythic cards (from the same set!)? Today I chat to Whaleshark, one of the more discreet collectors of Gods Unchained cards, to understand this passion for Mythics...

Greetings WhaleShark; tell me a little about who you are

I'm an early adopter of web3 and started dabbling with crypto - tokens, web3 companies and, DeFi in 2012. Since then, I've expanded my activity to all areas, including NFTs. I own over 300,000 cards across all my accounts - I'm a collector, a player and a fan of Gods Unchained!

“Not many people know this, but my first interactions with NFTs and my first NFT purchases were Gods Unchained cards! That’s why the game has a special place in my heart.”

When did you first hear about Gods Unchained, and what brought you to our game? 

I first heard about Gods Unchained while searching for more use cases on the Ethereum network. I was a huge fan of Magic: The Gathering in my younger days. When Chris Clay joined the team, it became apparent that applying NFTs to Trading Card Games was undoubtedly one of the best use cases to inspire mass adoption of the technology.

Do you play Gods Unchained, or are you only a collector?

I'm a player first, collector second! I got hooked the first time I played the game and was a very active player in 2019. To this day, I continue to enjoy the game so much that I've progressed to co-own and founded Infinite Mana - one of the leading professional Gods Unchained e-sports teams. 

You are the proud owner of not one but two Mythic cards. Why did you want to own Atlas and Prometheus from the Genesis collection? 

Being a traditional TCG player, I draw many parallels in the value creation of rarer cards. Owning any Mythic is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and when I had the chance to own two 1/1s from the same collection, it was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. I see the value of the Genesis collection; it's the original set.

What are your plans for your Mythics? When can we see them in the arena?

I'm diamond-handing my Mythics! They're extremely rare, unique cards, and I'm genuinely optimistic about the game's future. I believe Gods Unchained hasn't even gone mainstream yet; until that happens - until we have millions of players and contend with traditional TCGs - I'm going to HODL. As for meeting the Mythics in the arena, I'm working with Infinite Mana and Gods Unchained to reveal both cards at the right time.

If the gods gave you a free pass to buy any card, what would it be and why?

Hyperion! I'm not going to lie; the thought of holding all three original 1/1 Mythics from the game's inception is a dream I hope to fulfil. As I said, Mythic cards are extremely rare. Only six exist in the game until now, and one of them is lost to the void. As the game becomes more popular, more players and collectors will want to own Mythics, and they'll have more demand in the future.

Do tell, what do you like most about the game?

Two things. One, the Gods Unchained team is creative. You witness this in the gameplay, lore and experiential design. It's one of the few game titles in the world that has implemented blockchain technology seamlessly into gameplay while prioritising the quality of the game over anything else. Secondly, the dedication of the fanbase is only growing. In the past four years that I've been involved in the community, we've had more players joining but more importantly, for the right reasons. Because the gameplay forces players to focus on skill rather than luck or time spent to rank higher, the player base's quality also increases. Not many blockchain-based games have this long-term vision.

Any parting advice for loyal citizens who want to collect cards?

Anyone can collect cards, but you must be patient and observant to collect rare cards. The blessing of crypto market cycles is that there are always opportunities for those who stick around. And once you identify a good opportunity, don't be afraid to cop cards because if you overthink, someone else will swoop in. But Omox, The Mad isn't pulled yet; anyone can get lucky!