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Life of a Mythic: Dispelling myths about the Citadel of the Gods





Mortal, we’re continuing our Meet the Mythic series and this time, we’re pleased to welcome Citadel of the Gods from the Trial of the Gods expansion set into the spotlight. We’re cutting right to the chase to answer the biggest question on players’ minds: can I win against the Citadel of the Gods Mythic? The short answer is…yes if you’re a seasoned champion. But first, let’s get to know the Mythic and its owner a little better before they trade secrets, shall we?

Hey StrongHands, tell us more about who you are, please.

I’m StrongHands, a self-professed gamer and crypto-addict. I’ve spent most of my childhood playing MMOs, ARPGs and Shooter games, and I first heard about bitcoin in 2011 when it was around $20! At the time, I mined ~1BTC each month but forgot all about it until the bull market in 2013 when I stumbled upon altcoins. I mined (and traded) every coin I could find on BitcoinTalk (an old crypto forum). I find flipping coins exhilarating.

How did you learn of Gods Unchained, and when did you start playing?

I found NFTs in early 2018! I bought Ethermon, Ethercraft, Etherbots and a bunch of projects with "Ether" in their name. Not long after, I read Etherbots had a new project, Gods Unchained.

Instantly I was like, ‘Oh yeah, this is what we need in the space - digital trading card games with true card ownership are a perfect fit for the technology’. You see, digital ownership of assets has been a dream of mine since playing games like Diablo 3 and MMOs that had black-market trading.

You’ve amassed one of the biggest collections in our community, if not the biggest. How did this come to be?

Honestly, it just got out of hand, lmao. I have over 370,000 cards! Every few days, I browse the marketplace and stock up on good cards, or those I think will have potential in the future, especially now when they are dirt cheap in the bear market. I can never pass up a profitable Diamond deal.

So what’s your favourite card from your collection?

That's a tricky question, but my all-time favourite card to play is a Diamond Jason. It has a huge WOW factor, and getting three other diamond legendary cards from it is something else. My Diamond Demogorgons and all of the legendary Genesis Epic and Legendary Diamonds hold special value too. I also love card art. A few favourites are Master Tactician, Underbrush Boar, The Cleansing, Omnipresence, Lethargy Mage, Ashen Drake and "Will O' Wisp" in Diamond!

What about a lucky (winning) deck?

My favourite but not-so-lucky deck is a meme one I made with a lot of Afterlife triggers that included Bombflys, Soul Jars, Dangerous Rituals and Canopic Hoarders. My winning rate isn't great because it doesn't generate much Favor for the Sanctum, but it is fun finishing someone off by triggering two Bombflys from the void and dealing six damage with Canopic Hoarder.

Would you call yourself a pro Gods Unchained player?

Nah, I don't think I'm that good of a player since I like to play more meme-type decks and right now, there's only Ranked, so I don’t play a lot. I prefer being a collector of the game.

On that note, congrats! You’ve made a record-breaking purchase, spending ~70K USD to cop the Citadel of the Gods Mythic. The highest USD value to date. One question - why.

I had been eyeing that card since it was first listed, but I wanted a Mythic with a character on it (Omox *wink wink* seems like it has a fun game mechanic). Over time the price just got so low that I had to have it before someone else beat me to it. Lucky for me, though, because I got one of the most powerful cards in the game at a bargain.

Let’s set the record straight. Has your Mythic lost any battle, and more importantly, how can someone win against it?

Haha, yes! I lend my card to a friend, Bbq, who got OTK'ed by a Magic player. I guess the opponent was prepared for the match, and unlocking all their mana only helped him. The way to win against it would probably be thinking about how the champions are summoned. Because the setup is almost always the same, Valka and Orfeo end up in opposite fields. So if the opponent gets Valka, they can wipe out your board with Overkill if they go first, and you must clear it or stall quick. They can easily take out Valka if they get Orfeo, neutralising your board.

Let’s end with you telling us why you keep returning to the game.

Honestly, it’s the community. The Discord trade channel kept me sane during the 2018 bear market. Shitposting and having discussions with the community is too much fun and makes years fly by. Overall I love how the game is evolving around such a strong community that tries to help each other out especially helping newbies getting into crypto. I also believe a game like Gods Unchained will bring the masses to crypto without realising it.