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Light’s Verdict Buyer’s Guide





Light's Verdict is the final release of cards of Season 1: Champions Rise. This Epilogue Expansion Set concludes the narrative arc of Season 1 and helps wrap up the stories of your favorite characters. Light's Verdict will be available for a limited time only as a potential sixth card inside Mortal Judgement Expansion Packs purchased during the run of Light's Verdict and while these special packs are still available.

Players can still take advantage of the Early Bird Discount for Mortal Judgement; this discount will also apply to packs containing Light's Verdict cards. Take advantage of it while it lasts! Light's Verdict cards will only have a chance of appearing in Mortal Judgement: Light's Verdict Expansion Packs for 2 WEEKS, so make sure to get in fast to obtain your slice of Gods Unchained history! Join us for the thrilling conclusion of Champions Rise as the power within Eucos is forever changed.


Light's Verdict: Epilogue Expansion Set

Light's Verdict is an Epilogue Expansion Set that will be released as part of Mortal Judgement. We call it an Epilogue Expansion because it will be available for a very limited time and will feature 12 different cards. Light's Verdict cards can only be found within Mortal Judgement: Light's Verdict Expansion Packs. These packs come in four different forms: Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Shiny Legendary. Each pack will still contain five Mortal Judgement cards but will also have the chance to contain an additional Light's Verdict card while the Epilogue Expansion is live and these packs are still available.

Legendary Light's Verdict Card Pack$24.991 Legendary card+ chance of an Epic Light's Verdict cardCost in US DollarsPack1 Rare card (or better) 3 Common cards (or better) Light's Verdict ContentEpic Light's Verdict Card Pack$6.99Mortal Judgement: 2 Epic cards (or better)1 Shadow, Gold or Diamond common card (or better)Image2 Common cards (or better)+ chance of a Legendary Light's Verdict card1 Rare card (or better)+ chance of the Rare Light's Verdict card3 Common cards (or better) 4 Common cards (or better) + 1 Shadow, Gold or Diamond Light's Verdict card of any rarityShiny Light's Verdict Card Pack$149.99Mortal Judgement: 1 Shadow, Gold or Diamond Legendary cardRare Light's Verdict Card Pack$2.49Mortal Judgement: 1 Rare card (or better)

Light's Verdict Drop Rates from Mortal Judgement Expansion Packs

Light's Verdict will function differently from a normal Expansion Set as it won't have its own card packs. Instead, there will be a chance to receive an extra sixth card from the Light's Verdict Set in Mortal Judgement: Light's Verdict Expansion Packs. Light's Verdict cards will only appear in packs of the same Rarity. For example, to access a Legendary Light's Verdict card, you must open a Legendary Pack! The only exception is Shiny Packs, where all Light's Verdict cards will be available at a minimum of Shadow quality.

Light's Verdict will feature three powerful Chase Cards with lower drop rates. Two will be within Epic Packs, and the third will be in Legendary Packs. Keep an eye out for these rare and exciting drops! The drop rate for Light's Verdict cards will depend on the Rarity of the card in question and what variety of Mortal Judgement Pack is being purchased. The various drop rates can be found in the tables below. Learn more about card sets, qualities, and rarities here.

Rarity Drop Rates

Card RarityRare PackEpic PackLegendary PackShiny Legendary PackRare Card
(1 Card)The Dearly Departed: 50%N/AN/AThe Dearly Departed: 25%Epic Cards
(5 Cards)N/AAn Empire Reborn: 7.2%
Knowledge: 7.2%
An End To War: 7.2%
Forge New Bonds: 7.2%
Shines On Us All: 7.2%N/AAn Empire Reborn: 9%
Pyrrhic Knowledge: 9%
An End To War: 9%
Forge New Bonds: 9%
Shines On Us All: 9%
Epic Chase Cards (2 Cards)N/AMartyr of Whiteplain: 2%
Blade of Whiteplain: 2%N/AMartyr of Whiteplain: 5%
Blade of Whiteplain: 5%Legendary Cards (3 Cards)N/AN/AThe Divine Coronet: 8.75%
The Light Seeks The Truth: 7.5%
Forged in The Light: 6.25%The Divine Coronet: 10%
The Light Seeks The Truth: 6%
Forged in The Light: 3%Legendary Chase CardN/AN/AThaeriel, The Fallen: 2.5%Thaeriel, The Fallen: 2.5%

Quality Drop Rates

QualityRare, Epic & Legendary PacksShiny PacksMeteorite93.8%0%Shadow5%74.8%Gold1%25%Diamond0.2%0.2%

Pack Limits

We will only be producing a limited number of Light's Verdict packs for sale to ensure the supply can remain limited. You will not be able to purchase any packs of the specific type once this limit is reached, but packs can still be earned as rewards.

Purchase LimitsRareEpicLegendaryShinyPack Limits100,000120,00080,0001,000

Additional packs will be available as rewards through Weekend Ranked and Tournaments. Some packs will also be set aside for marketing initiatives. This number is set aside, but we will not necessarily distribute all of these packs while Light's Verdict is available.

Reward LimitsRareEpicLegendaryShinyPack Limits55,00025,0006,000100

Weekend Ranked

All packs distributed as rewards while Light's Verdict is active will have the chance to contain Light's Verdict cards, so make sure you log on to play Weekend Ranked to score your chance at getting one of the extremely rare Light's Verdict Cards!

A Cosmic Shift Approaches

An unknowable force will begin impacting the Gods Unchained card economy in mysterious ways. The Cosmos, the universe itself within Gods Unchained, is always striving for an alignment of the six domains – and the phenomena of the Cosmos correcting itself is called a "Cosmic Shift". 

In the story: We see one such shift in action at its height when the Light domain switches from Thaeriel to Lysander. After this, the Cosmic Shift sweeps across Eucos, correcting the chaos thrust on its people throughout Season 1. Learn more about The Cosmos and Cosmic Shifts.

In the Marketplace: A Cosmic Shift is represented by the ENS CosmicShift.eth and lasts for a finite period. During a Cosmic Shift, cards will be purchased from the Marketplace to restore cosmic alignment to the world of Gods Unchained.

Some cards will be impacted by a Cosmic Shift, while others will remain untouched. A Cosmic Shift seeks to realign the six domains, pulling any domains that have grown or shrunk in power back to equilibrium. It is not a game-balancing tool but a tool led by Gods Unchained's narrative. As these are unconscious movements within the universe, it is almost impossible for mortals to ascertain the specific cards targeted ahead of a shift, but it is clear that the causes and effects of the turmoil in Eucos will be involved. That said, observant mortals may be able to track the movements of a Cosmic Shift once it is in motion… 

Eucos' best scholars have been studying this particular cosmic phenomenon, and they believe the latest Cosmic Shift is beholden to the following:

  • The Cosmic Shift (CosmicShift.eth) will purchase certain Gods Unchained assets from the Marketplace over a finite period from 4pm PT on the 26th of September and 4pm PT on the 12th of October.
  • Cards will only be purchased by CosmicShift.eth if listed in $GODS.
  • Selected cards linked to the theme Thaeriel's Corrupting Influence on Eucos will be targeted. It's up to the community to figure out which specific cards.
  • A limited number of each asset will be purchased. Additional assets of a specific type will not be purchased after the limit is reached.
  • Not all cards listed will be purchased; this includes assets above a certain price cap.
  • CosmicShift.eth is tied to the wallet address [0x7a15DDd9ae02F28b8957bb25A68eA21e670f958c]

The Cosmos works in mysterious ways. Will you be able to decode some of its majesty?

Please refer to the official terms and conditions of Light's Verdict Cosmic Shift's promotion for more details.

Have all your burning questions about the Cosmic Shift mechanism explained in this post!

Lysander's Spear Collection Trinket

Players who reach certain collection milestones with the Light's Verdict Epilogue Set will receive a special Trinket reward. This Trinket will only be available as a reward for collecting Light's Verdict cards and will not be minted again! To determine eligibility, a snapshot of wallets will be taken one week after the conclusion of Light's Verdict (on October 19th at 4pm PT). Any players who hold the required assets at that time will receive a Lysander's Spear Trinket when they are distributed.

Here are the criteria that must be met to receive one of these special Trinkets:

  • Level 1 Lysander's Spear Trinket
  • Eligibility: Acquire a complete set of 12 Light’s Verdict cards of any Shine Quality below full Shadow.
  • * 9 Meteorite + 3 Shadow
  • * 10 Meteorite + 1 Shadow + 1 Gold
  • * 5 Meteorite + 5 Gold + 2 Diamond
  • * 1 Meteorite + 11 Shadow
  • Level 2 Lysander's Spear Trinket
  • Eligibility: Players who have already fulfilled the criteria for a Level 1 Lysander's Spear Trinket will receive this trinket for every subsequent complete set.
  • Level 3 Lysander's Spear Trinket
  • Eligibility: Acquire a complete set of 12 Light’s Verdict cards of Shadow quality (or higher).
  • * 12 Shadow
  • * 1 Shadow + 11 Gold
  • Level 4 Lysander's Spear Trinket
  • Eligibility: Acquire a complete set of 12 Light’s Verdict cards of Gold quality (or higher).
  • * 12 Gold
  • * 1 Gold + 11 Diamond

Players will receive a trinket per complete set of the highest quality. The Lysander’s Spear rewards will be distributed after we have migrated existing trinkets from L1 to L2. This will enable us to create new trinkets like Lysander’s Spear and send them out to the community. We will migrate the assets and deliver the Lysander's Spear trinket rewards to your wallet by the end of October.

Omox Drop Rate Increased!

To celebrate the launch of Light's Verdict, we will be increasing the drop rate of Omox, The Mad in all Mortal Judgement: Light's Verdict Expansion Packs. The drop rate will increase 20 (!!!) times, so there is a good chance that Omox will be found while Light's Verdict is running. Be sure to pick up some packs to take advantage of this special promotion!

Balancing Phase

Similarly, as our full Expansions, Light's Verdict will be subject to a live balancing period known as the Balancing Phase post-release. This is when the Light's Verdict cards can be used in a live environment. The development team can make changes in response to any imbalances. Once balancing is complete, which will be at the discretion of the Gods Unchained development team, the Light's Verdict Epilogue Expansion Set will become "closed", and no further changes to the cards will be made.

Set Availability

Light's Verdict cards will be available in all Mortal Judgement: Light's Verdict Expansion Packs from September 28th at 4 pm PT until October 12th at 4 pm PT 2022, or until the supply runs out! The set will be live for precisely two weeks, with the Light's Verdict cards never being available for purchase again after this period. Light's Verdict cards can be obtained by purchasing Mortal Judgement: Light's Verdict Expansion Packs from the Gods Unchained shop. All purchases are processed on the Immutable X platform, meaning the packs will be available in your Gods Unchained account as soon as your payment has been processed successfully.


Refer & Earn Program Boost

For a limited time only, i.e. during the sale period of Mortal Judgement: Light's Verdict, the 1M Refer and Earn Program will be boosted so Mortals can earn even more rewards! Here's how to earn more:

  • Refer a friend & Earn 10% of all pack sales they buy!
  • Plus, if they reach Rank 6 - Astral Meteorite - you both get 10 $GODS

    There's no upper limit to how much you can earn, so spread your codes far and wide! Hurry, the incentive ends on 12 Oct 11.59 pm UTC. Go, go, go!

Happy collecting and earning, Mortals!