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Marketplace: Buyer's Update





Update Tuesday 13 April, 2021: The official marketplace has been retired and Immutable X is the new trading platform to trade Gods Unchained cards! Begin trading.

The players have spoken and we've listened! Continuing the swathe of regular improvements to the Official Gods Unchained Marketplace, today we're introducing some features that will streamline the buying experience ????

Toggle Quality Selection

Previously, when players clicked on a card of interest a secondary page would open containing all qualities in a vertical arrangement. From today, players will instead be greeted with a series of horizontal buttons for each quality:

The goal is to help buyers quickly filter down the specific quality they're looking for, rather than sifting through each and every available option.

In addition to this, a compact list of all available options to buy - for each quality - will now reside directly beneath the card description:

Appearing from lowest to highest price, this will enable users to quickly compare the best value options for the quality they're interested in, and/or add multiple items to their cart effortlessly.

Quick Link Sharing

On every card page a "SHARE" icon now appears under the image. A quick click on this button initiates a copy of the URL, which can then be pasted (using CTRL+V), allowing users to share the link far and wide.

We'll continue to evolve this feature, particularly for simple social sharing in future, so look for more news on that soon.

Next steps: This is only the beginning! We're continuing to iterate and improve the Marketplace experience for buyers and sellers alike over the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more updates and be sure to share feedback on features you'd like to see in our dedicated #marketplace-feedback channel on the official Gods Unchained Discord.