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Marketplace Preview





Hear ye, hear ye! The marketplace launch is upon us! The cards are nearing full activation and while this has taken longer than was initially intended, it’s been a monumental effort by our engineering team to create more NFTs than any other game in the history of Ethereum - over 6 million O_O 

So now that the promise of card trading is finally on our doorstep, here’s what you can expect when the bell chimes and the marketplace opens for business.   


From launch day there will be a new “Market” icon in the main navigation bar. The Marketplace will be where you go to freely browse and buy cards.  

The homepage (pictured) will be marketplace HQ, with a selection of themed collections. These will be on regular rotation and highlight recent listings, popular items, top sellers and more. These themes will continue to evolve as the marketplace grows so expect some exciting surprises in future. 

Also note the search bar at the top of the homepage. If you have a good idea of what you’re looking for from the get-go, just enter specific terms related to your card - card name, card description, tribe, etc. The search bar function will also appear at the top of every marketplace page if you prefer to browse around and scope out options first. 

Click through on the homepage and you’ll be immediately presented with the primary marketplace dashboard that displays all the inventory on offer. 

On the left there’s a range of filtering tools to find the cards you’re looking for. These include: God, Mana, Rarity, Tribe, Health, Attack, Quality 

If you need to narrow down your selection further, there will also be a secondary “Sorted by” drop-down list (top right) where you can refine by Latest/Oldest or Highest Price/Lowest Price.  

Each card pictured represents a ‘stack’ with potentially hundreds of instances underneath. Clicking through will show you all the variants on offer. After you’ve made your selection, you’ll see the individual card attributes and the option to Buy (below). 

Here’s a quick overview of the buying process:

1. Add items to your cart

2. Click the cart and select Checkout

3. You will be taken to the secure Immutable Webpage:

i) Follow instructions to Accept the payment with your wallet (e.g. MetaMask)

ii) Then a second Accept to receive the item(s)

4. Finally you will have a message to go back into the GU Launcher where after a short period of time your new card will show up in your Inventory. You will see a badge notification in the navbar once this is complete.


Found yourself with a bunch of duplicate Genesis cards that you’re looking to offload? You’ve come to the right place. 

The Trader will be your very own storefront for listing cards* and have its own icon on the navigation bar.  

Note: Trader will initially be empty on your first visit, prior to listing items by clicking the “+”.

*In future, sellers will also have the ability to sell decks, trinkets, boards and cosmetics. Stay tuned for more on that soon. 

Using the same filtering options as Marketplace, you’ll be able to zone in on the specific cards you’re looking to sell.

Once you’ve settled on a specific card, you’ll have the option to enter your choice of listing price. 

While pricing will be completely at the discretion of the seller, it would be advisable to check the Marketplace to see if you’re in the ballpark.  

Before setting it live you’ll have the opportunity to review the listing.

Note: If you’d like to edit the price after posting you can, as long as no-one has clicked to purchase the item in the time it was listed. 

Fusing: The Forge is returning very soon! If you missed it the first time around it essentially enables you to upgrade the quality (and potential market value) of your cards by fusing duplicate versions. As an example, five Meteorite cards combine into one shadow card, five shadows into one gold, and (you guessed it!) five golds into one diamond. Expect more news on this feature once the Marketplace is up and running. 

So that’s a really quick preview of what to expect when Marketplace & Trading launch! Card activation is on the verge of hitting 100% any day now and we’re unbelievably excited to see genuine digital asset ownership become a reality.   

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