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Meta Report: This is War!





Looking to climb to Mythic? Or maybe you want the best new decks and archetypes? If you're looking to succeed, mortal, it's important to stay ahead of the game and keep your finger on the pulse of a meta that is constantly evolving.

The Ranked metagame continues to shift as players begin to discover the hidden secrets of the Trial of the Gods set off the back of the previous balance changes. Here are your latest and greatest options to scale the heights of Mythic!

All is fair in love and War

Nature has been a mortal favourite for some time now (thanks to the ability to Delve Trial of the Gods cards) but this time around Aeona’s domain was hit pretty hard by the nerf bat. The main targets of this change? Jaguar Staff and Forage. Though the class still has both a viable midrange Nature build (proving that kitty-summoning relic is still pretty damn good!) and a newly emerged Amazon powered-deck in Mythic, the real winner of the balance changes was War, even despite the loss of Leech on Might Makes Right.

Say hello to the latest iteration of Slayer War, one which features a more zoo-ish approach with an increased emphasis on early game minion presence up to and including Expectant Chicken. Terrifyingly enough, the Mythic-compatible build has stocked up on the free cards from the Welcome Set rather than Trial of the Gods, making it the top dog at the time of writing this meta report.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? There’s a deck that seems to promise an even higher win rate, even if it does have a much lower play percentage currently at the highest ranks. That’s the good part. The bad part is that it’s also a War deck, which means you may be seeing a lot of that ruffian Auros over the next few weeks. JohnWick's nifty little Olympian build with Onslaught has set up a midrange approach, bringing cards like Hyrtacus, Brazen Hero to the table, which can apparently rival that of the aforementioned Nature archetypes.

Double the Death, double the fun

Death also has two very different builds viable at high levels of play, and though control-oriented archetype opted to remove Trial of the Underworld after the nerf, it is still one of the strongest options available to you in Mythic if you want to do something other than hitting faces with Relics over and over again. (Not that we’d judge you for it! Hitting faces is fun. So is winning.)

Using Blood Ritual can keep you alive against War into the late game, with Echophon, Atlantean Hydra serving as your big bomb to close things off. It’s an archetype that became even more powerful with the arrival of Ataraxia in Trial of the Gods, and it looks like it will continue to perform well even after the balance changes.

Do you hear that buzzing sound? Yeah, it’s Bombfly again, returning alongside its other friends in the Zoo Death package to battle it out against its fellow aggressor atop the metagame. Skull Scepter turned out to be a fantastic addition to the archetype with high potential in future builds as well. Free face damage with a relic you don’t even have to swing? Eat your heart out, Slayer War!

There are more domains than these...

You might be wondering about the other three domains. Let’s just say they are still waiting for their champion to innovate on their current archetypes. The best we’ve got for you is Form of Unity in Magic, a particular domain that we believe has huge potential. It just needs the right (read: Magic) touch.

Happy casting, mortals!

Credit ~ Luci Kelemen

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