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Mid March Madness: 100k GODS Sealed Mode Event



Hey Mortals,

We're stepping up our game with a new special Sealed Mode event.

Prepare for “Mid March Madness,” a high-stakes tournament where strategy, skill, and dedication could win you a share of up to 100,000 GODS in prizes, not to mention exclusive cards and rare rewards.

Event Details:

  • Duration: Now until April 15th, 5 PM PDT
  • Entry Fee: Back to 10 GODS

How to Participate:

For every Sealed Mode entry, you’ll receive one ticket, and for every win in that run, another ticket. These tickets are your keys to unlocking the rewards awaiting.

Prize Pool Structure:

The base reward pool kicks off at 20k GODS, with the potential to swell up to 100k GODS as more entries are made:

  • Stage 0: Starting at 20k GODS prize pool
  • Stage 1: Hits at 20k entries - adds another 20k GODS
  • Stage 2: At 30k entries - another 20k GODS, unlocking Reward A
  • Stage 3: Reaching 40k entries - an additional 20k GODS, unlocking Reward B
  • Stage 4: Achieving 50k entries - yet another 20k GODS added

Distribution of Prizes:

  1. Entries-Based Pool: 30% of the total prize is split among players just for entering. Each Sealed Mode entry gets you a ticket into this pool
  2. Win-Based Pool: The biggest part, 50%, goes to players for winning games. Every game you win in Sealed mode earns you a ticket
  3. Wins Leaderboard Pool: The top 20 players with the most wins get to share 20% of the prizes, distributed as shown in this table

Exclusive Rewards:

  • Reward A: Participants reaching 5 Sealed mode entries get a Glinn Variant
  • Reward B: Those hitting 10 Sealed mode entries are awarded a Zaskia Variant

Cosmic Shift Wallet Rewards:

An assortment of 40 high-value cards (including 5 Thaeriels, 15 Blades of Whitesplain, 20 Martyrs of Whiteplain) will be distributed among players selected for the following:

  • The top 20 by the number of Sealed mode entries
  • 10 players randomly selected from all event participants (more entries mean more chances)
  • The top 10 on the wins leaderboard

This event promises to be one of the most thrilling experiences in Gods Unchained history. 

With the stakes higher than ever and rewards that grow with your participation, “Mid-March Madness” is your chance to rise to the challenge, showcase your skills, and possibly walk away with new cards, GODS and glory.

Prepare your decks, Mortals. The battle for supremacy in Sealed Mode is upon us.

Let the games begin!