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Exclusive Mobile Pre-Alpha Test: Everything You Need To Know





Greetings, Mortals; are you ready to embark on your next adventure in the world of Eucos? It may be your most exciting one yet. Hang on tight, for this quest is not for the faint of heart! Your mission, oh mighty mortals, should you choose to accept, is to share tales of your battles conquering the mortal realm from, you guessed it – your mobile device. But before you say yes, let’s go over what you can expect, facts about the build, timelines to track, and ways to participate. 

This is our first major milestone toward a mobile release, and we’re ecstatic for you to join us on the ride!

First things first, this limited, closed pre-alpha test is exactly as the name suggests: it is NOT the final version of Gods Unchained’s mobile game. Far from it. We’re way too early in our mobile development journey, and as a token of our appreciation to our engaged community would like you to peek under the hood. Your invaluable feedback will ensure we build the best version of the game for Mortals yet to discover the game.

The Pre-Alpha Mobile Build

  • Limited Testing Period: The pre-Alpha test will be available for four weeks only, from 24th February AET to 22 March AET. 
  • Closed Testing: This build is meant to draw the curtains on our mobile progress and receive input from the most valuable members of our community.
  • For this Pre-Alpha, we’re focusing on testing core gameplay sans the bells and whistles.
  • This means no forge and star store, no deck building and pack opening, and no tutorials (you’ll have to do so on PC).
  • Changing screen resolutions and other advanced settings will not be functional
  • Board UI elements are not accessible for 4:3 and narrow screens
  • Android only: We have prioritized releasing an Android test first, as most players worldwide use Android devices, and we aim to cater to a broader audience in the long run. 
  • For this Alpha, we are supporting the Pixel Series and Samsung S8 and above and will expand support to more devices in future tests. 
  • We aim to release our iOS build for testing later!
  • There will be bugs! We will share a detailed known bug list at a later date in Discord which we will keep up to date throughout this testing phase.

From a playability standpoint, we expect gameplay parity with the desktop game. Therefore, players can play against desktop players and other mobile players or enter solo matches from the palm of their hands! You can use existing accounts to log in and play the game as usual for a seamless in-game experience. Any matches you play on mobile and progress made will automatically reflect when you sign-in via desktop. We’re committed to building the best game version; this is just a sliver of the pie.

Eligibility Criteria

As we said, this build is meant to showcase our progress on mobile as it’s all been behind closed doors… well, until now. We want to share this opportunity with our most engaged, active community members as a thank you for being such staunch supporters. If you've played games this month, be sure to check your inbox!


The release schedule is as follows:

  • 24th February AET: Early access for Council of Mortals, Mount Olympus
  • 28th February AET: Engaged, active community members (from this month only)
  • Every Wednesday in March: Weekly App updates via email to all players with the app installed 
  • 22nd March AET: Pre-Alpha testing period ends

Pre-Alpha Mobile App Installation

Invited members will receive an email with instructions and a short video demo on downloading and installing the app to Android smartphones. You can also find the download instructions on the Mobile Help Guide (this guide does not contain the Android game APK link). The team will send weekly updates to fix issues and bugs via email.

Feedback Collection

While feedback is completely optional, it’s also the most critical aspect of this feature release. The Pre-Alpha contains surveys in-app after gameplay, and we will share more detailed surveys via email, which you can fill out at leisure. We love to hear your feedback on what you love, what could be improved, and what features you’d love to see in future tests.

Our hope is to improve the build based on your experience in a few areas: the launcher, actual gameplay, UI in-game, performance, and device issues. We will update a new app weekly to address bugs and your feedback. It’ll be an ongoing process, and you will receive an email with an updated app install link with instructions to download each week.

Additionally, feel free to drop feedback in the public #mobile pre-alpha Discord channel anytime you wish!

What’s Next

Check out our Help Centre Guide with more details about the Pre-Alpha mobile testing on Android. It includes details such as mobile device lists, known bug lists, FAQs, and much more to give you as much information as possible as we partake in this exciting journey together! Keep an eye out on your email inbox and community channels for timely updates. 

The pre-alpha release of Gods Unchained on mobile for Android is just the beginning of what we expect to be a long and beautiful journey. We plan to continue improving and updating the game, with features, game modes, content, and more on the horizon. You can look forward to an even more immersive and engaging experience as the game grows.

The time has come for you to traverse the world and play Gods Unchained on the go. Where shall you command your cards from first, Mortal? 

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