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Mortal Judgement Hype Train - Contest Winners





Three weeks ago, the gods summoned you, oh mere mortals of Eucos, to participate in a task so demanding only the bravest would dare accept. Create a hype so big, that all the universe would hear the thunderous clap of Gods Unchained's latest launch. Christened 'The Mortal Judgement Hype Train', it was a battle of creativity, not meant for the faint of heart.  

But you, our community of warriors, took it upon yourselves to please the gods and deliver what was asked. Your artistic expression took multiple forms; sketches, animations, poems, acoustic renditions and even narrations (TriggerHaven's got some serious competition!). We're ecstatic to report that the higher powers that be are beyond pleased!

With over 70 unique contest entries, the Gods found it hard to select the winners even with their divine powers. They sought the counsel of the judging committee, who helped distil them down to the top five. Alas, it was such an arduous task! But the trickier part was deciding the order of the top five contest winners, for each submission was better than the next. 

Therefore, after much contemplation and deliberation, the unanimous decision was that the only fair thing to do would be to use a contest picker tool to appoint the top five champions. 

Sound those bugles, for the top five winners are…

1. Mr Sokrates - The Mortal Judgement movie poster
4 x Mortal Judgement Legendary Packs Rare Packs

2. MotPanda - Gods Unchained gameplay animation
???? 2 x Mortal Judgement Legendary Pack 2 x Mortal Judgment Epic Pack

3. Eduardo Villalobos - Excellent acoustic piano playing
4 x Mortal Judgement Epic Packs

4. Sanjuro29.eth - Ramshackle Hacket’s artistic prowess
???? 2 x Mortal Judgement Epic Pack 2 x Mortal Judgment Rare Pack

5. meow bob *VTuber* - Episode 1 excellent lore narration
???? 4 x Mortal Judgement Rare Packs

If your name has not yet appeared, fret not, mortals. The passion you exhibited has not gone unnoticed. Here’s a second list, a set of honorary winners in no particular order.

???? Each one wins 1 x Mortal Judgement Rare Pack! 

Felicitations to those who've won, please message the Gods Unchained twitter account from the account you entered to claim your prize.  As for everyone else, ready your shields and shine your armour for the next calling. Until then, farewell.