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Mythic Variants: The Chosen



Hey Mortals,
odds are, you vividly remember that rush of emotions you got when you opened up a pack of cards and found yourself staring in disbelief at a rare card. That indescribable feeling where even now as you replay that memory in your head reading this, that you’d remember the smell, where you were, and perhaps even what you were wearing at that time.

Now brace yourself for that same euphoric feeling with our Mythic Variants- exclusive 1/1 versions of Tide of Fate Legendaries, each with unique art and a specially designed card frame.
You were introduced to one of them (Blade of the creator) at the end of last year, but we’re extremely excited to reveal the rest of the artwork and mechanics to get your hands on them.

But make no mistake, the mythic variants will choose their owners to wield them.

Here’s how you could be one of The Chosen

Tides Of Fate Exclusives

Blade of the Creator

Acquirable through the Tides of Fate Mythic Raffle.
In December 2023, we took a snapshot and gave points based on everyone's Tides of Fate collection, with the number and rarity of cards giving more points.

We held the raffle to give away this card, and the more points you have, the more entries you would get into the raffle.

On February 7th we distributed the card to the winner, "[GOAT] Many".

Who dares wield this blade?

Admiral Mayday
Francesca, Surging Signal
Xansiddion, Waveruler
Shredder, The Hunter

A reward for players who bought Tides of Fate packs, recognizing their loyalty and dedication.

We will hold a Raffle where players get 1 ticket for every dollar spent on ToF packs, rounded to the nearest dollar.

The snapshot of cumulative TOF spend will be taken on at or around February 27th at 4PM PST.

She may be an admiral, but you’re a major supporter.

Community Exclusives

Alborax, Soaring Flame
Salvator, Ceaseless Impact
Lokhart, Dreadsiren

Full Collection Mythic Raffle

The player's wallet snapshot for the Full Collection Mythic Raffle will be taken at March 5th at 4PM PST.

Note that trading should pause a few hours before to ensure an accurate snapshot.

Specific ticket amounts are awarded for completed sets in Meteorite quality, with multipliers for sets completed in higher qualities: Shadow (5x), Gold (25x), and Diamond (125x).

Sets must be 100% completed in a single shine to qualify:

Promo and Welcome sets are excluded.

Multiple completions of the same set in higher qualities yield multiplied rewards.

Fire burns, water soothes – a true collector masters both.

Azaiah, Hands of the Spire

This will be given to Strong Hands as a reward for his amazing support to GU and for achieving the feat of collecting all Lights Verdict cards at diamond level.

Truly defining what it means to be diamond hands.

Arrandion, Ancient Leykeeper

Available as a prize for our Community Art Contest, where you have to draw a variation of what Arrandion may look like to you when you hear "Ancient Leykeeper".

It will run from February 16th at 4PM PST until February 29th at 4PM PST. Share your creations with us on Twitter by tagging @GodsUnchained and using the hashtag #MYTHICGU.

You’re a (ley)keeper.

Sealed Mode Exclusives

Wakian, Boundless Kings
Tarken, Depths Caller
Digby, The Emerald Peril

Win them in the Exclusive Sealed Raffle. Each 7-win run in Sealed Mode earns one entry into the raffle, the event will last from February 14th at 4PM PST to February 27th at 4PM PST.

They may lead their factions, but you have the final say. Squawk!

Summary: Distribution Mechanics

The distribution of these Mythic Variants were designed to reward your dedication and achievements.

  • Raffles: For variants like “Blade of the Creator” and “Wakian, Boundless Kings,” players earn entries based on specific in-game activities. The winners are chosen randomly from these entries, ensuring fairness and excitement.
  • Special Rewards: Some Mythic Variants, such as “Admiral Mayday” and “Arrandion, Ancient Leykeeper,” are given as special rewards to players for their loyalty or participation in community events, rewarding the active users for their dedication.

Play, collect and engage your way into getting these exclusive Mythic Variants.
Will you be one of The Chosen?