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New Game Mode: Chaos Constructed





Gods Unchained launches a brand new game mode: Chaos Constructed. All domain restrictions are lifted. Experience the freedom to build the ultimate deck. Play Chaos Constructed now!

You could cut the anticipation with a knife. Chaos is coming… Now breathe it in and dive into the adventure you’ve been craving!

Introducing Rotating Game Modes!

Behold the New Rotating Game Modes – exhilarating twists that will reshape the arena and breathe new life into our gaming experience. 

As we announced in our Roadmap, new game modes will start to rotate in and out to liven up the game meta and player experience. We have about a dozen different game modes in the pipeline, all with different rulesets and conditions, Sealed mode included.

The game modes will be available for a limited time and we will rotate them more frequently in the beginning. This way, we will be gleaning feedback from players on which ones they enjoy the most, and we’ll rotate in the popular choices more often.

Chaos Constructed: Build your deck with cards from all domains 

Chaos Constructed is up first, where domain restrictions hold no power, and all your cards are now fair game. This new game mode pushes your creativity to its limits and is set to change the meta beyond recognition (even if for a little while).

How does Chaos Constructed work?

It’s quite simple, Mortals. In normal Gods Unchained game modes like Ranked or Casual, you need to build your deck according to the domain of your chosen God. That is how it has always been. Now, we're shaking things up.

In Chaos Constructed you now have the freedom to choose any card, from any domain, to build your deck. Everything else is the same, and you still have to choose your God.

Your entire Gods Unchained card collection now comes into play, with new combinations only limited by your imagination. All your best cards, in the same deck. Just imagine the unprecedented and unexplored strategies you can now unlock.

New Deckbuilder

We've also made big changes to the Deckbuilder to accommodate New Game Modes moving forward, allowing for a more intuitive use of the Deckbuilder for new and existing users, and an improved overview of the deck that you're building.

Functionally, it will allow for the New Game Modes to be better supported, and will automatically show the cards that you can or can't use depending on the selected mode. We've also enabled more powerful filtering to give you more control during the deckbuilding process.

Play Chaos Constructed Now!

Chaos is now unleashed.
Who knows where it will lead us?
The doors to shape the meta have swung wide open.

Let your cards reign free and play Chaos Constructed now!