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New Gods Unchained Expansion Announced: Dread Awakening



A dark force is spreading across Eucos, heralding the arrival of something ancient and unknowable.

“Dread Awakening,” the latest expansion for Gods Unchained, puts Elderytch powers within your grasp. Are you brave enough to explore them?

Dread Awakening launches on April 22nd at 6pm PDT

Mark your calendars; the veil lifts on April 22nd, casting the world of Gods Unchained into a realm of powerful but dangerous mysteries.

Dive into the details on the “Dread Awakening” website:

Stay vigilant, for the site will evolve with further revelations.

132 New Cards, Untold Mysteries

“Dread Awakening” expands the universe of Eucos, drawing players into an Elderytch plot that stretches across the cosmos. With 132 new cards, including 13 Legendary entities such as the formidable "Irina, Manashard Patron", the set promises to redefine strategies and gameplay.

Join the hunt for Thaeriel, the elusive “Lord of Luster,” as new characters and forces emerge from the shadows, challenging players to adapt or succumb to the spreading Dread.

New Mechanics

“Dread Awakening” introduces “Dreadtouched”, a new mechanic that thrives on sacrifice and transformation, alongside “Elderytch Mysteries", where players unlock potent abilities by embracing the enigmatic forces of the cosmos.

Exclusive Cards Only Through Crafting

In Dread Awakening there are 6 Rare cards, 6 Epic cards and 6 Legendary cards that can only be obtained through Crafting, one for each domain.

We also changed the legendary crafting, incorporating a “Shine-down” mechanic where players receive a Meteorite version of the Epic input cards, in addition to the Crafted Legendary card.

We hope that this new mechanic would encourage more players to make more use of Legendary crafting, without having to worry about depriving their deck of playable cards.

With these updates to Crafting, collecting the full Dread Awakening set will become a more rewarding experience!

What Lies Beyond

The journey into Dread Awakening is only the beginning. More secrets, darkness, and untold powers linger on the horizon, waiting for the bold to uncover them.

Are you prepared to step into the unknown? Dread Awakening calls to those with the courage to face it.

Visit the “Dread Awakening” website for deeper insights.

Join us as the shadows unfold, Hunter!