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Patch Notes 0.84





Mortals, we hope you’re enjoying the updated Sanctum! Make sure you send any feedback our way, not that you need any prompting ;) 

The team have been hard at work on the upcoming Mobile Alpha Release but they’ve been squashing a lot of old bugs in the process as well! One of our devs in particular has been keeping a close eye on our Bug Board and Discord Bug channels and has worked extra hard to solve some long standing issues.

High Priority Bugs

  • The game freezes when opening the selection screen from the void when there are over 60 cards in the void (Gleamweaver breaks the game bug)
  • The game gets stuck at the "Waiting for game start" screen after triggering a reconnection in the late game phase
  • Patient Pickpocket copies card with wrong art and stat at the end of turn after using Cutthroat Insight
  • Some players were still able to use old decks pre-CSR which contain cards from other domains…but not anymore!
  • Guiding Light’s Empower effect is resolved at the end of turn from the opponent’s perspective.

Patient Pickpocket

  • Pickpocket has been extra patient and while we finally fixed the bug when using Cutthroat Insight, it caused a new bug:
  • All cards that are copied by multiple Patient Pickpockets have the same incorrect art
  • Patient Pickpocket’s effect is resolved at the end of turn after its Order is removed by Changing Locks/ Prisoner Exchange
  • There is a very minor bug left over that we found during testing but it’s a very rare occurrence. Either way, it’ll be getting fixed in the next release!


There was a reason this needed a complete overhaul and we couldn’t be happier to see these bugs finally squashed:

  • Replaced card(s) do not come from the decks shown in the queue.
  • Missing text “Pull cards only during your turn” during opponent’s turn.
  • Gamekeeper's Blessing replaces a card in each Sanctum deck with a “Gamekeeper” instead of the only visible card in the Sanctum.
  • The art image of other cards in Sanctum are broken after buying a card from it.
  • Two card’s arts in the Sanctum are displayed with the same art after playing Mixed Blessing.