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Patch Notes: January 18, 2023





Howdy! This week we've had some improvements, as the update was pushed out yesterday. Here is what we have done!

Pick One Improvements
This release contains significant improvements and updates to our Pick One cards! These changes will ensure they sequence and resolve more consistently and reliably. We've also improved the visuals, removing unnecessary clutter on the Pick One options.

Previously, when a Pick One option was selected, it played a separate “child card” with its own logic, which resulted in a number of issues with sequencing triggered card effects. For example: With Archimea, Arithmancer’s effect when a spell with modified mana cost is played. Or Black Rhino triggering “After a creature is summoned…” card effects before it receives the buff from its Pick One option. All these lead to unpredictable and unintended gameplay results (…did someone say bugs)!

Bug Fixes

  • Tutorial Mission 2: no longer softlocks at the Orcish Elite attack section
  • Box: No longer causes a softlock when replacing more than 7 cards in hand
  • Living Container: Creature that is summoned back to the board no longer returns to the void instantly while the board is full
  • Temnys of Thebia, Chronicler: Delve pools now include cards from the Winter Wanderlands set
  • Spirit Storm: No longer incorrectly triggers Dolvaz, Omen of Ill Will when played
  • Merchant Prince: the underlying issue had already been resolved but the fix caused a seperate unintended issue to appear, which has also now been fixed! We still need to make the card live, so look out for next weeks update to see if Merchant Prince re-appears