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Play-to-Earn Profile #3 – Freedan





Over the last few weeks, we’ve been chatting to players from the Gods Unchained community about their play-to-earn experiences. This week, Team Rankstar player and GU streamer ‘Freedan’ from the USA shares their story.

“Once you’ve experienced P2E for yourself, it’s hard to go back! I’m grateful to the Gods Unchained team for paving the way."


What got you interested in the play-to-earn model in Gods Unchained? 

I come from a background of playing Hearthstone and paper MTG (Magic, the Gathering). In MTG, I had a heartwarming experience where someone gifted me a stack of cards as a newcomer. I also encountered plenty of excitement over trading and selling cards. All of this was possible thanks to the player actually owning their cards.

While digital card games provide compelling features that are not possible in physical card games, most fail to capture that excitement that comes with trading and card markets. Most are also a complete money sink. For example, I will never be able to sell, or even gift, my vast Hearthstone collection, even though I no longer use it.

When I heard that GU was combining both worlds (asset ownership and digital card games), I was intrigued. That curiosity was rewarded when I ended up selling my first card (an Echophon) for a whopping $65 USD!

What would you estimate your weekly earnings to be? 

I like to look at my earnings over a month or more, as my weekly earnings are largely dependent on what cards I open. In total, I earned 2.0317 ETH since the launch of Flux and Fusing. That was around ten weeks ago, making my weekly earnings about 0.2 ETH on average.

Although Gods Unchained won’t replace a steady paycheck, it’s a great way to make some money and have fun at the same time! I sunk hours into other TCGs in the past, without making a cent for all that investment.

What could you buy in the real world with your weekly earnings ?

I could knock out my weekly grocery bills with my GU earnings. I’m probably going to use them to buy more cards, however! I don’t anticipate having to spend much (If any) new money on Season 1 packs, as I’ll be able to use the income from my core card sales.

Where do you see the future of the P2E model in gaming? 

I see more games adopting P2E models in the future, as the technology becomes more accessible, and the economics more widely understood. Being rewarded for skilled play (with real money) is a tantalizing prospect. Asset ownership also rewards loyalty, as longtime players and early adopters stand to profit from legacy items – like what happened with early MTG sets.

Once you’ve experienced P2E for yourself, it’s hard to go back! I’m grateful to the Gods Unchained team for paving the way.

What do you like most about Gods Unchained? 

I am a massive fan of the team’s stance on minimal rng/randomness. Coming from Hearthstone, where many games feel like elaborate dice rolls, it’s a breath of fresh air. Skilful play and deck building feels like it’s rewarded heavily in Gods Unchained.

The built in rewards cycle is pretty cool, too. Better plays lead to better rewards, which lead to better decks, which lead to better play, and so on. That kind of progression is highly motivating in games!

I also have to mention the company’s ethical stances. Unlike some other companies (who shall not be named), Immutable will never take away your cards or winnings because of your political views. That’s something to be celebrated, in my opinion!

Any advice for those new to Gods Unchained and P2E?

My advice is this: Don’t get into the game looking for profit right off the bat. Play for fun. Remember, it’s not a day job, it’s a game! Have fun, and enjoy a little profit on the side. If you’re good, you might earn more than a little profit!

One great place to improve your gameplay is through streams. I stream most Fridays on Twitch. I also highly recommend any of the Team Stream Team members: cautionfun, themudman, and bonkthatbutt.

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