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Play-to-Earn Profile #4 – DiegoFerreL

In this special Q&A series we chat to players from the Gods Unchained community about their play-to-earn experiences. This week, we meet Mythic player, DiegoFerreL who hails all the way from Peru!

"Join the P2E methodology, which is one of the most unlimited in the entire universe of online games."


What got you interested in the play to earn (P2E) model in Gods Unchained? 

Earning money as compensation for playing a trading card game is what makes the play-to-earn model different.

I have played many online (non-crypto) games for several years, and never made any profit like with Gods Unchained. I started with zero investment and have made 21 ETH up to now! I plan to continue as long as I can!

What would you estimate your weekly earnings to be at your current rank? 

Since the launch of Flux and Fusing, I have generated around 0.2 - 0.3 ETH per week playing many hours every day (not only Weekend Ranked Constructed). From here I can choose to reinvest in the card market (In Game Market, Open Sea, TokenTrove, etc) to generate even more. 

In the past with the Genesis raffle event I was earning 10-15 USD per day - that was awesome. Here in Peru that was a lot of money for playing a fun game every day. I hope we can have another raffle event soon!

The Genesis Raffle token of days past...

Also, for me the biggest surprise was the first week of Flux. I sold many core cards (that you get for free by winning matches), and I was able to generate around 3 ETH, almost $600 at that time. 

In future if we have more players we can earn even more! Download and play it right now my friend! 

What could you buy in the real world in your country with your weekly earnings?

In Peru, the exchange rate from ETH to the dollar is a lot. It is actually strong enough to pay for weekly food expenses, but I prefer to reinvest it (into the market) to generate more money in the future.

What has been your strategy for success up to now? 

My strategy was reinvesting what I earned in the first (Genesis) raffle into buying and selling cards. If you buy cards that have the potential to be good meta cards, at cheap prices, you can then resell them for a margin. 

There’s 4 marketplaces (Official GU, TokenTrove, OpenSea, GuCards). With a good knowledge of each market you could get cards at reasonable prices and make profit (50-100-200% or more sometimes). 

Do your research. Turn a profit.

Where do you see the future of the P2E model in gaming? 

The future is now! Gods Unchained gives you the possibility to earn money for playing a trading card game. When more people become aware of this model I’m sure they’ll be interested in checking it out. 

If you had advice for anyone looking to get into Gods Unchained and P2E right now what would it be? 

Join the P2E methodology, which is one of the most unlimited in the entire universe of online games.

Learn the basics in the guides provided by the community. Learn about the starter decks, keep winning cards (core set), sell and buy (genesis set) to get a powerful deck; and from there get pure profits every day.

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