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Hi Everyone!

@Nnooo here. We are happy to announce that we are adding a new way to earn extra, bonus, versions of the Genesis Board and the Referral Hydra Trinket!!

Hydra Trinket

We love how many people you have referred, how many games you've won and how many tokens that have been generated!

We've noticed some players creating multiple accounts to earn multiple trinkets as their token collection grows. To this end, we are unlocking the ability to earn, and evolve, multiple Hydra Trinkets.

chance to own multiple Hydras!

Summary: Get above 120,000 tokens and earn an additional Hydra, level it up with your extra tokens, Hit 240,000 and you can unlock a 3rd (and so on)


  1. You get your first Hydra Trinket for participating in the referral program
  2. Your Hydra evolves at set stages e.g. when you have 1250 tokens it will evolve to have 1 hydra head
  3. Once you have 120,000 tokens your Hydra will reach maximum evolution
  4. When you earn 1 more token (120,001 tokens) we will now give you a second Hydra which is now at the start stage
  5. To level this up you will need 120,000 + the number of tokens for the level you want to reach so 121,250 will see you have 1 Maxed out Hydra and a second Hydra with 1 Hydra Head
  6. When you have 240,000 tokens you will have two maxed out Hydra!
  7. This will repeat so that you can have many, many more Hydra


  1. The more people you refer who win, the faster you will earn tokens
  2. You will be able to sell extra Hydra on the marketplace at launch
  3. The Hydras you get and their evolution status will be locked in when the Referral Program ends October 17, 2019. This will be based on the number of tokens in your possession at that point.

Genesis Board

Everyone who has a rank of Novice or above will get a Genesis Board which evolves as your collection level increases (determined by the number of unique cards you own, as shown here).

We have been absolutely blown away by the number of packs sold and how the community has grown. Therefore, we want to reward all of you further by allowing you to earn multiple Genesis boards.

the demigod Genesis board


  1. You get your first board for achieving Novice rank (over 100 unique Genesis cards in your collection)
  2. Your first Genesis board evolves based on your collection level (See: Discord)
  3. All Genesis boards max out at Demigod level
  4. Board 2 is rewarded at and evolved by having at least 2 of each unique card at any title level at or below your current one
  5. e.g. if you have 2 of each card to Disciple level your second board will be of Disciple quality
  6. You can earn a third board once your first and second board are at Demigod level and additional boards each time all your previous ones are at Demigod
  7. Each additional board will be at the title level you have the multiple of unique cards
  8. Eg 3rd board needs 3x cards, 4th needs 4x cards and so on


  1. The level of your boards is determined on the title level for each multiple
  2. 1x is your top title
  3. 2x is the top title you have 2x the cards
  4. 3x is the top title you have 3x cards
  5. And so on
  6. You cannot get a 3rd or subsequent board until all of your current boards are at demigod
  7. The boards you are given, and their quality, will be based on your title(s) at the end of the Genesis Presale. NO more boards will be created after this point and boards will no longer evolve.
  8. IE you cannot evolve boards once they have been locked in post Genesis Presale

UI Updates

We will be adding updates to the website inventory and Referral pages soon to make this easier to visualize.

Thanks for reading!


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