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Shine Fusing is now available in the Forge!





Hello mortals! InFinitySquid here sharing some exciting details about the Shine Fusing feature newly launched in the Forge within Gods Unchained! This is a long-awaited feature for the game and allows players to create Shadow, Gold and Diamond cards themselves. Five copies of a card can be consumed to create a single copy of a card with the next highest rarity. So five Meteorite cards will create one Shadow, five Shadow cards will create one Gold, and five Gold cards will create one Diamond card. We will go into more detail below. The initial launch of this feature will only feature the ability to fuse Core Set cards from Meteorite to Diamond, but this will quickly expand to all Gods Unchained cards shortly after.


There are a few key reasons that I am excited about the Shine Fusing feature being added to Gods Unchained. Primarily, this feature adds the first burn mechanism for Gods Unchained cards. This will help stabilize the value of cards since this mechanism allows the supply of cards in different quantities to be decided by market factors rather than the randomness of pack openings. Players can purchase lower Shine cards to fuse them via the Forge and create an increase in the supply of higher Shine cards. This creates an incentive to increase the supply of lower quality cards. This behaviour is fascinating and adds a new dimension to interacting with the Gods Unchained economy!

The second benefit to Shine Fusing is how it will interact with the upcoming Daily Play & Earn feature. In that system, the Shine of cards used in-game will impact the potential rewards that players can receive. The potential rewards increase as players add higher Shine cards to their active decks. This is an important avenue of utility to give value to cards with Shine levels higher than Meteorite. As a result, we will likely see increased demand for these rarer cards. The Shine Fusing feature in the Forge can be used to create the higher Shine cards to satisfy this demand.

Finally, adding Shine Fusing to the Forge significantly increases the utility of this feature within the game. This increases its utilization and, in turn, increases the amount of $GODS tokens spent in the Forge. More $GODS in the Forge means more that can be distributed as rewards to our active players when the Staking feature is introduced.

How to Shine Fuse?

Shine Fusing is an extension of the Forge, so you can access it the same way you currently use the Forge to fuse Plain cards to Meteorite for the Core set. Here, cards of Meteorite, Shadow and Gold quality will now also appear. If you have five copies of a card, you can select each of these copies to begin the fusing process. The costs for Shine Fusing will be consistent across all Shine levels, with the same costs carrying over from the existing fusing of Plain cards.

  • To fuse a ‘Common’ card, you will need: 0.1 $GODS + 20 Flux
  • To fuse a ‘Rare’ card, you will need: 0.3 $GODS + 40 Flux
  • To fuse an ‘Epic’ card, you will need 0.7 $GODS + 120 Flux
  • And to fuse a ‘Legendary’ card, you will need 1.5 $GODS + 200 Flux

Currently, you will have to sign each transaction via Metamask (one for the $GODS cost and once each for the cards being consumed). Once this process is completed, the newly fused card will be added to your wallet. Suppose the transaction is unable to be completed for whatever reason. In that case, the process can be recovered via the History button within the Forge, the remaining transactions can be signed, and the process can be completed.

Please note that to Shine Fuse, the five cards being consumed need to all be in the same wallet. You can transfer cards between wallets using third party tools or by selling cards and rebuying copies on the secondary market.

Wen Shine Fusing?

Shine Fusing went live in the Forge today, 26th May 2022, starting with a staged rollout. The feature is available just for Core Set cards, with full functionality available shortly after the team is satisfied that the feature is working as expected. This is to ensure that the system is working correctly at production scale before we launch the complete feature and the ability to Shine Fuse all cards that have been released. This should be available within a few weeks after the initial release.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! I hope you make the most of the new feature and enjoy the ability to create cards of all Shine levels. Keep in mind that this is our initial release of the Shine Fusing feature, so please feel free to share your thoughts on your experience with this feature so we can iterate upon the feature if required!

InFinitySquid, Product Manager of Monetization