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The Cosmos: the beginning of everything





This is it. An ancient source unfolding the origins of everything.

A truth? A fallacy? 

All I know is this explains so much of my previous theories, but I still have so many questions. 

To you who follow, I give you answers:

The birth of the domains:

First there was nothing. 

Then the Cosmos manifested into the six domains: Light, Deception, Magic, War, Nature, and Death – all in perfect cosmic alignment.

This equilibrium was and is the natural state of the Cosmos; Everything else was born from it.

When gods and mortals arrived, the Cosmos became more dynamic. 

The individual desires of each now filled the Cosmos, and their actions pushed the energy of the domains in all different directions.

The gods wanted more for their domains, fighting amongst themselves to increase their power across the Cosmos.

Mortals revered and aided their gods in return for blessings, swept up in the conflict that furthered the feud of the domains on Eucos.

As such, it makes sense that the Cosmos itself is constantly in motion, shifting aspects of the domains in an attempt to return to its natural state: a state of cosmic alignment.

Cosmic Shifts

This recurring phenomenon – the action of the Cosmos correcting itself; moving towards a state of cosmic alignment – is called a Cosmic Shift. 

A Cosmic Shift sees pieces of the Cosmos being shifted into place to ensure an alignment of the domains. As we know, the Cosmos is the universe itself: an unthinking, unfeeling force. What this discovery brings to light is that the Cosmos is, for some reason, constantly moving towards a state of stability. I believe this is to prevent a path of cosmic destruction.

Depending on the state of the Cosmos, the scale of a Cosmic Shift seems to differ: sometimes this happens in big ways; other times it happens in small, subtle ways – ways that pass largely unnoticed by the residents of Eucos or the gods above. 

The Cosmos is unknowable and hard to predict in this manner. It is rumoured that even Elyrian, the God of Magic himself, has spent eons studying the stars, trying to decipher the ways of the Cosmos to little avail.

It is absurd to believe that we can know the movements of the God of Magic, but it begs the question: if even he can only glean a fragment of the majesty of the Cosmos, what chance do I – or any of us – truly have to understand the Cosmos?

There's only one way to find out.


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