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The Genesis Raffle - Win a Mythic!





Gods Unchained just got a whole lot more rewarding!

From now until October 17th players will be rewarded with “Genesis Raffle Tokens” any time they win a multiplayer game or recruit a friend who wins games. 

Genesis Raffle Tokens are Ethereum ERC20 tokens, meaning they can be traded on 3rd party marketplaces. 

With this ability to trade and sell tokens acquired in-game, it effectively establishes an extended model of free-to-play that we’re referring to as play-to-earn.  

If you’re a skillful player that keeps racking up those wins, the sky’s the limit. 

On October 24th, all owned tokens will automatically enter the Genesis Raffle, where we will be giving away a series of limited edition trinkets, card backs and ultimately see one lucky player bestowed with the fourth and final Mythic for the Genesis season - Tethys! 

But, first up… 

How To Acquire Tokens

There are two ways you can earn tokens, the first, is to simply win multiplayer games! You’ll automatically earn tokens for each and every win. 

the raffle token!

The second way you can earn tokens is by gifting your friend access to the beta using your unique access link. When a friend joins using your link, you’ll earn tickets anytime they win a game. (I don’t have many friends, but if you do, you’re in luck!)

Your link can be found by visiting the Raffle tab in the game client or on

visit the Raffle tab to begin your token collecting journey

There is no limit to how many friends can join using your link.

For the remainder of the beta, new signups will need to use one of these links to gain access to the game.

If you don’t have access and need a link, try searching #GUBeta on Twitter or join the #beta-access-links in our Discord to obtain one (feel free to also post yours there!)

Pro-tip: also remember to tick the box on the raffle page so you are entitled to receive 10% back on all purchases your friend makes!

Token Marketplace

Tokens can be traded on third-party community marketplaces including GUDecks and GUCards

Visit these participating sites for further details.

The Raffle & Tethys 

On October 24th a draw will be held to award the winner of the final mythic card of the Genesis season - Tethys.  

the mythical Tethys...

Mythic cards are one-of-a-kind and only four are released each year.  Mythic cards effectively create a mini-game given how unique their abilities are. They won’t be allowed in most tournament play, but damn are they cool.

Tethys is a highly powerful neutral card that requires 9 mana to play, deals 15 damage and has 15 health. She’s capable of turning the entire game on its head by altering both decks.

Card description:  

“At the start of the game add 10 Blue Whales to both players’ decks” 

It should make for some very unpredictable games!


In addition to the super rare Tethys mythic card, there are a number of limited edition trinkets up for grabs during the end of season raffle. 

In total there are five different trinkets, all related to the mythics in the Genesis set:

limited edition trinkets up for grabs

PrizeAvailableRoyal Card Back (not pictured)10,000Atlas' Belt2,500Tethy's Crown2,500Promethean Chains2,500Hyperion's Black Star500Hyperion's White Star500Tethys Mythic Card1

The Evolving Trinket

Last, but certainly not least, is the Evolving Hydra. Starting today, all existing and new players will be given a Headless Hydra trinket. As you acquire tokens, you’re Hydra will grow heads, with only a few being able to unlock the final 7-headed Apex Hydra.

You will be awarded your tradable trinket based on whatever status your Hydra has evolved to at the end of the promotion. 

Trinket LevelQualityTokens required1Plain1,2502Bronze2,5003Iron5,0004Meteorite10,0005Shadow Quartz20,0006Solor Gold40,0007Diamond120,000

Token Distribution

One final point is that earned tokens will be automatically distributed daily to players after they link their wallet. If you haven’t done so already, make sure to log into the Gods Unchained website and visit the ‘Raffle’ tab. 

Players will also be required to obtain a minimum number of 1,000 tokens (each win is 100 tokens) before they are distributed to their linked wallet. Players who don’t link a wallet or hold below the minimum number of tokens will have their tokens stuck in a ‘pending state’ until they complete both requirements. 

Note: If an opponent concedes or disconnects in the early stages of a match (e.g. mulligan/god power selection) no tokens are distributed for that match.

UPDATE: We are changing how tokens are awarded to improve fairness and prevent toxic behaviors:

  • The number of tokens awarded depends on the how long a game lasts
  • If you concede before round 5 you will lose tokens

We hope you’re as excited about this system as we are, and encourage you to drop by our Discord to let us know what you think :) 

Happy collecting!