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UI Updates rolling out soon





Breaking News: The sanctum gets a refresh!

In our next release, the team will roll out another set  of user interface updates to enhance your overall gameplay experience and provide a more user-friendly environment to play Gods Unchained. These improvements are part of our overall growth goals as we prepare for the closed mobile alpha launch but, more importantly, to allow players customizability in-game. If you haven’t already, do check out our blog post informing the community of our Unified UI vision for the game and the upcoming feature changes to expect.

As such, we’re focused on collaborating with the community on these features with a test-and-iterate approach. So far, the two-way feedback loop is working extremely well. We’ve heard your concerns on the mana wheel location and more and will continue to provide detailed responses (and take steps to incorporate them in certain cases). We genuinely appreciate your candid, valuable feedback, so please speak your minds (politely) in the appropriate threads in Discord. 

Without further ado, let’s get on with this week’s updates! First, The Sanctum gets a refresh with a facelift and bug fixes! As exciting as that is, you’ll like the next one even more: say hello to new settings and bug capture buttons in the loading screen and during gameplay. Lastly, we’re increasing the message size for the client and server in-game to aid our mid-hardcore strategy players in their long battles. Let’s get into each of these updates.

The Sanctum Refresh

The Sanctum has undergone a complete facelift to make it look and interact much better during gameplay, providing a more convenient way to access information about the player's collection. The new Sanctum widget is now displayed on the right-hand side of the screen, also showcasing the Favor for each available card neatly.

Old display:

New display:

Multiple bugs associated with the Sanctum are now addressed with this release, but if you come across any, you know what to do! The clean new design also removes the hover tool tips with hidden information making it much more aesthetically pleasing.

Old display:

New display:

Setting and bugs buttons on loading screens

Another big feature you’ve been asking for is enabling the settings button during the loading screen! Remember the multiple times you’ve gotten stuck at the loading screen? Or when loading a game took much longer than anticipated, but there was nothing you could do? Well, by exposing the settings button during the load screen sequence, we can offer all players a way to retreat at this stage. With this change, players get access to settings, bug reporter, and concede options during the loading screen as well as in the game. 

Finally, there’s a way for players to quit from within the loading screen or adjust their audio/video settings without closing the entire game! Bonus, the settings button is also available on every screen during gameplay. 

The bug reporter is also made available on the loading screen, allowing players to report bugs effortlessly before matches begin and from the settings screen making it more intuitive. These changes tackle multiple issues in one go.

Old display:

New display:

Improving network code for Void views with many cards

This feature is primarily for the mid-hardcore strategy players in the community; you know who you are! In long-drawn battles, each time there were more than 60+ creatures in the void, that match would break. We won’t bore you with the specifics of how it was fixed, but be assured that this particular bug is squashed for good! It’s time to duel in the Arena, all you competitive players! 

That’s it for now. Do let us know what you think of these upcoming changes in Discord.