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Game Update 0.30 – Stability Now!





Update 0.30 – Stability Now! furthers work on game stability. This release builds on the groundwork laid in 0.29 to stabilize matches, bug fixes, disconnects, and the Sanctum.

A return to form

In the past week, the Sanctum has adopted a temporary guise: the Spell Sanctum. All Sanctum spells that targeted creatures have been replaced with non-targeting spells. This made for some interesting place over the weekend – but nothing that could rival the Sanctum’s natural state. 

This change is a temporary fix to ensure we had a healthy and stable Weekend Ranked event, but behind the scenes our devs were wielding their holy maces, smiting the issues that corrupted the Sanctum with righteous fury.

0.30 solves these issues, and work can now be done to get the Sanctum back in a good place. The Spell Sanctum will remain active for the upcoming Weekend Ranked event, but we aim to shift the original decks back into the Sanctum in the next few weeks. 

Improved disconnects

In the past, disconnects have been confusing and unwieldy. We’ve upgraded our system to better identify these instances, providing a variety of notifications to let you know what happened to your game, as well as being more clear when your ranked progress won’t be altered due to an error. What’s more, soft locks (where objects in the game are still able to be interacted with but you are unable to proceed with a match) will now disconnect you from the server, allowing you to get into the next game quicker without repercussions.

Show your flair on Discord

For Discord users, we now have Rich Presence for Gods Unchained, meaning other mortals can see when you are playing Gods Unchained, as well as which domain you are playing (using the badges below). You don’t need to do anything to use this feature, as it’s automatic, updating your status to display when you are playing the game. If you are looking to hide your playstyle from future Direct Challenge opponents, you can easily turn this feature off from your personal Discord account settings.


On top of this update’s fixes, the in-game bug reporter tool has had an upgrade. Now you can select the most recent card you’ve played when filing a bug report in game. This helps us immensely as we are given greater context into what caused an issue, and our system’s process for sorting these issues has been streamlined too. We’ve also upgraded our testing process, with new automated tests that will help catch bugs before we push live.

If you experience any bugs, please continue to report them by clicking the bug icon in the top right of the game screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Board-wide effects no longer have a chance of disconnecting users playing on Mac.
  • Each god’s death animation will now activate at the end of a game without fail. 
  • Resolved an issue that caused tooltips to occasionally duplicate.
  • Purchasing and using a spell from the Sanctum in the same turn will no longer have a chance of freezing the game.

Known Issues:

  1. The opponent’s mana pip is sometimes hidden during the opponent’s turn, but remains visible during your own turn.
  2. Cards in the opponent’s hand appear slightly tilted.

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