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Update v0.10 - Release Notes





Version 0.10 is now live for existing beta testers! Here's what we've updated:

28 New Cards

  • Siren of the Grave
  • Levitate
  • Anubis, Guide of Souls
  • Spellbound
  • Overclock
  • Tutankhamun
  • Agrodor Protector
  • Cyrene's Blessing
  • The Gatekeeper
  • Prodigious Armourer
  • Sleep Dart
  • Hypnos Puzzle Box
  • The Cleansing
  • Ferocious Rougarou
  • Inquisitor's Summons
  • Nightmare
  • Jungle Shepherd
  • Exorcise
  • Drow Nightblade
  • Solemn Lecturer
  • Asterius, Glittering One
  • Battle Cleric
  • Gersemi, Freyja's Spear
  • Marsh Walker
  • Nefarious Briar
  • Tainted Treant
  • Lokian Disciple
  • Black Jaguar

8 cards temporarily removed due to issues:

  • Raze Imp
  • Thresher Bug
  • Merchant Prince
  • Archimedes Mirror
  • Light's Bidding
  • Umber Arrow
  • Revivification
  • Reanimated Corpse

New Features

  • New Keyword: Sleep - A sleeping creature or god misses its next attack opportunity (defined by turn, not by number of attacks).
  • New Keyword: Backline - Creatures with backline can only be targeted by attacks when all other non-backline friendly creatures are removed from the board.
  • New Keyword: Regen - At the end of each players turn, regenerate n health (where n is the amount of Regen).
  • New Mechanic: Fatigue - When the player tries to draw a card from an empty deck, they gain 4 mana locks. If a player ever has all mana locks and they try to draw a card from an empty deck they lose the game.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Improved connection flow: Player will now be reconnected to the Master Server after losing internet connection, or after Master Server restart, without having to restart client.
  • Improved server stability: Several core issues with connectivity have been resolved, reducing the number of failed games or matchmaking attempts, and improving client feedback for matchmaking status.
  • Main Menu UI visual pass!


  • Added 7 new Keyword SFX.

Bug Fixes

  • Over 50 general card and mechanic issues fixed!
  • Matchmaking UI can no longer get stuck if Master Server becomes unreachable during matchmaking
  • Fixes for several issues that could cause game turn lock up