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Weekend Ranked Updates are here!





Part 1 - GODS Reward Pool Update

Hello mortals! I’m InfinitySquid, Product Manager of Monetisation for Gods Unchained, and I’m here today to share the details of some fascinating updates to Weekend Ranked! We have been monitoring the performance of Weekend Ranked since the last update we made, and while there have been a lot of successes from those changes, there are still some areas of improvement that the team and I would like to address.

This is the first update of the Weekend Ranked staged rollout that we will be performing over the coming weeks. We are separating the numerous updates being made to Weekend Ranked to ensure we can measure the effects of each on the player base. This approach will give us valuable data on how our community responds to specific changes in the design of our events and rewards, which we can use to inform future decisions about the game!

$GODS Reward Pool Adjustment Algorithm

Firstly, we will be making an update to the amount of $GODS tokens available in the Weekend Ranked rewards pool. Due to the changes to how we distribute rewards and how we adjust the pool over time, we will be resetting the amount of tokens in the $GODS reward pool back to their initial peak of 100,000.

The next aspect of this system to tackle is the Automatic Adjustment Algorithm for the $GODS Reward Pool. The original goal for the automatic adjustment was to encourage organic growth of the product. While we think that the idea of an automatically adjusting pool is critical for the distribution of $GODS token rewards in Weekend Ranked, as well as Daily Play & Earn in the future, the current system doesn’t hit the mark. As a result, we will be shifting gears to focus on a new primary objective for this system: making sure the size of the pool adjusts as the size of the audience grows and shrinks over time.

Starting $GODS Reward Pool: 100,000
Maximum $GODS Reward Pool: 210,000
$GODS Reward Pool Automatic Adjustment Algorithm

We are making this change to ensure that the adjustments to the $GODS pool will be fair to the current, dedicated player base. With the changes to the number of wins required, the kinds of players who can earn $GODS tokens, and how the reward pool adjusts over time, we hope to utilise these new avenues to grow the Gods Unchained community.

We have several other updates to announce now that will be introduced to Gods Unchained at a later date. Details about each of these updates will be shared closer to their launch.

  • Reset $GODS Reward Pool & Update Pool Adjustment Algorithm: Next Weekend Ranked Event
  • Reduce Required Games from 25 to 18: Coming Soon
  • $GODS Reward Structure Update: Coming Soon

Thanks for reading, and we hope you’re as excited as we are for these changes to roll out to the community!

InFinitySquid, Product Manager of Monetization