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Welcome to the PTR





Need a hand headin' into the PTR? You've come to the right place.

The Public Test Realm (PTR) is a realm that lets you test or preview upcoming features. It's only available for use between specific times, so keep an eye out here and in Discord for when those might be!

There are three big things to note about the PTR before heading in:

  • Nothing in the PTR is permanent, meaning that any advancement you make, or rewards you unlock, won't be reflected in your main account on the Beta realm (the main realm used to play Gods Unchained).
  • Most of the content on PTR is still in development, which means you are far more likely to run into bugs. If this is the case, let us know in the one of the Discord channels below.
  • All users who had a Gods Unchained account before April 10, 2022 PDT have access to the PTR. For those who created an account after, stay tuned for when that access date changes in the future.

Content on the PTR is only available to test for a limited time (generally 24 hours). You can give us feedback on what you have experienced in the PTR in #ptr-feedback in the Gods Unchained Discord.

Set Up Instructions

  1. Open the Immutable Launcher and log in to your Gods Unchained account.
    If you don't already have it, you can download and install the launcher from the Gods Unchained website.
  2. Once on the launcher's main screen, navigate to:
  3. The Options Menu (A)
  4. Select the Gods Unchained tab (B)
  5. Select the PTR Realm from the dropdown list (C)
  6. The Launcher may ask you to download an update. Click Update to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I switch back to the regular Beta realm?

Like you did to get into the PTR, navigate to the Options menu and select the Gods Unchained tab. You can select Beta from the dropdown list. This takes you back to the main place to play, being the only realm where games officially count towards Ranked progression, and events like Weekend Ranked.

Do I get to keep anything from the PTR?

No, nothing that happens within the PTR realm will translate across to your regular Beta account. This most obviously includes prizing and Stars, but also other elements like XP and cards.

Will we need to fill out a non-disclosure agreement to use the PTR?

No, you are not required to complete a non-disclosure agreement and you are welcome to talk about what you experience in the PTR.

Can I stream or take videos within the PTR?

You are more than welcome to stream or take videos within the PTR, as long as it is clear that this is not the finished product and may change (or break) before it is live. There is a watermark on the left-hand side of the launcher to denote that you are currently within the PTR.