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Welcome to Winter Wanderlands





Prepare to be whisked away to a magical land of ice and snow: welcome to the Winter Wanderlands! The latest set release for Gods Unchained. 


We saw you wanted playful cards (cue in Expectant Chicken and Wild Hog for thanksgiving?) and had a whimsical idea! Why not deck the champions in gold and glitter for the upcoming holiday season? It was your creativity that sparked the idea for a festive collection.

For a limited time only, the Winter Wanderlands set will be available from the holidays to spread some cheer until the new year. It’s a small set of 20 cards only, which will be available in the store, earned through Weekend Ranked or by participating in all the festivities planned for the community! That’s right, there are a lot of rewards to be earned this time around!

Winter Wanderlands packs will be available for 4 WEEKS, so make sure to secure your cards while you can! The set will launch on December 14th at 4 PM PT and will run until January 11th at 4PM PT. The best part - it's a stand alone set and not bundled up with any other set!

The magical story of the Winter Wanderlands

Winter Wanderlands is the first Seasonal Set released for Gods Unchained. With this release we wanted to tell a stand-alone story that captured the spirit of the festive season through a Gods Unchained lens. We centered the set around the champions of Gods Unchained (with the addition of Kadmos filling in for Light, given his dad, you know, became a god recently) and built the set around these pillars. Each card has its own part in the tale, and they all branch out from Orfeo’s adventures and interactions with the champions. 

For those who are deeper fans of the lore, we wanted to explore the relationship between Orfeo and Ludia, Goddess of Deception, after the events of Season 1. What’s happened since Orfeo broke free of Ludia’s chains? Is the goddess angry? Is Orfeo still the Champion of Deception? All these questions were floating around the Discord, and you’ll just have to find out by reading the Winter Wanderlands story. 

It’s a different type of tale to what we traditionally tell, and it’s told all in rhyme – so don’t miss it. What we can say is playing with festive themes and stories has been a fun experiment. We have put extra care into how we tell stories through our card designs, and we’re very excited to share them with you.

Scavenger Hunt Time

Mortals, as a fun activity, we planned partner reveals that have already begun! Can you find all 20 cards that will be unveiled over the next few days? Hint: look at Twitter to find these “hidden gifts”; some lay in plain sight! Let’s see if you can catch find ‘em all.

Stay tuned for A LOT more merriment coming your way over the holidays!