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Winter Wanderlands Set: Buyer’s Guide





Prepare to be whisked away to a magical land of ice and snow: welcome to the Winter Wanderlands! The latest set release for Gods Unchained. 

With 2022 wrapping up we wanted to end the year with something exciting and a little bit playful. This set will be available for a limited time only across the holidays and into the new year. Winter Wanderlands is a set of twenty cards that can be found in Winter Wanderlands packs.

These packs can be purchased directly from the store, or earned in limited amounts from Weekend Ranked events while the set is available.

Winter Wanderlands packs will only be available for 4 WEEKS so make sure to secure your cards while you can! The set will launch on December 14th at 4PM PT and will run until January 11th at 4PM PT.

Wander Into Winter Wanderlands


Winter Wanderlands Set

Winter Wanderlands is the first Seasonal Set released for Gods Unchained. With this release we wanted to tell a stand-alone story that captured the spirit of the festive season through a Gods Unchained lens. We centered the set around the champions of Gods Unchained (with the addition of Kadmos filling in for Light given his dad, you know, became a god recently) and built the set around these pillars. Each card has its own part in the tale, and they all branch out from Orfeo’s adventures and interactions with the champions. 

For those who are deeper fans of the lore, we wanted to explore the relationship between Orfeo and Ludia, Goddess of Deception, after the events of Season 1. What’s happened since Orfeo broke free of Ludia’s chains? Is the goddess angry? Is Orfeo still the Champion of Deception? All these questions were floating around the Discord, and, well, you’ll just have to find out by reading the Winter Wanderlands story. It’s a different type of tale to what we traditionally tell, and it’s told all in rhyme – so don’t miss it. What we can say is playing with festive themes and stories has been a fun experiment. We have put extra care into how we tell stories through our card designs and we’re very excited to share them with you.


New Design And Distribution

We’ve made some changes to how we’ve approached design and distribution with the Winter Wanderlands set. Based on feedback, we had positive responses to many aspects of Light’s Verdict, but the attachment to Mortal Judgement meant it was harder to find the cards from the Light’s Verdict set. We’re taking the approach of providing a smaller, more meaningful set once again, but this time we’re looking to improve on the previous release by making them attainable all on their own (more on this below). This is a brand new way of packaging and releasing the set, so please continue to let us know your thoughts.

Pack List

Winter Wanderlands Shiny Pack$99.99Contains 3 Rare, Epic or Legendary Winter Wanderlands Cards of Shadow, Gold or Diamond QualityWinter Wanderlands Booster Pack$9.99Contains 3 Rare, Epic or Legendary Winter Wanderlands CardsWinter Wanderland's ContentCost in U.S. DollarsPackImage

Winter Wanderlands also features some changes to drop rates based on feedback from the Light’s Verdict release. With this set our goal has been to strike a better balance between scarcity and availability for our cards.

Drop Rates

Card NameCard RarityBooster PackShiny PackReinkeeper SelenaLegendary0.83%6.67%Frost Queen NeferuLegendary0.83%6.67%Merry KadmosLegendary0.83%6.67%Sleigh Master ValkaLegendary0.83%6.67%Snowshaper PallasLegendary0.83%6.67%Orfeo in WanderlandsLegendary0.83%6.67%The ReinnapperEpic3.13%5.63%Fir Tree's FuryEpic3.13%5.63%Winter's BountyEpic3.13%5.63%Guiding LightEpic5.21%9.38%Take the ReinsEpic5.21%9.38%Candy ChainEpic5.21%9.38%Woodcutter ImpRare8.75%1.88%Pallas' WanderwagonRare8.75%1.88%Thawed HeartRare8.75%1.88%Curious WandercatsRare10.94%2.34%Avalanche WatcherRare10.94%2.34%Spirit StormRare10.94%2.34%Frozen RestRare10.94%2.34%

Quality Drop Rates

QualityBooster PacksShiny PacksMeteorite93.8%0%Shadow5%74%Gold1%25%Diamond0.2%1%

Winter Wanderlands will be limited in availability both based on time and on the number of Packs that will be available. Once a Pack runs out of supply it will no longer be available for purchase. There is a separate limit for Packs being given out to the community as rewards through marketing initiatives or through Weekend Ranked. Once the Pack sales end, any remaining supply  is sent to the Void and never minted. Winter Wanderlands packs can only be purchased or earned during the availability period.

Pack Limits

These are the limits on Packs that can be purchased directly from Gods Unchained. Once this allocation has been exhausted, that Pack will no longer be available for purchase.

Purchase LimitsBoosterShinyPack Limits120,0005,000

These are the limits on Packs that can be distributed as Weekend Ranked rewards, as well as Packs that can be distributed by our Marketing and Community teams for various initiatives associated with the Winter Wanderlands set.

Reward LimitsBoosterShinyPack Limits32,00050

Any packs from either the Purchase or Reward allocation that have not been sold or allocated to a specific initiative once the Winter Wanderlands set has concluded will be forfeited and sent to the Void, never to be minted on Immutable X. This is to ensure that you can be certain of how many packs have been allocated and the available supply of this set. One thing to note is that some Packs may continue to get minted after the end of Winter Wanderlands due to results processing for certain initiatives.

Snow Ball Discount

Like previous Gods Unchained sets, Winter Wanderlands will have a discount period where packs will be cheaper to purchase the earlier these purchases are made. This discount will start at 10% and will reduce down to 0% over the course of the first $1m in sales from the Winter Wanderlands set.

Trinket Rewards

For Winter Wanderlands there will be several Trinket rewards that you can obtain by meeting certain requirements! These will focus on different parts of the Gods Unchained ecosystem so only players who are truly engaging with the game will be able to obtain them all.

  • Frozen Vibrant Fruit
  • One Trinket will be delivered to each player after minting their first Legendary WW Card of Gold or Diamond Quality, whether it be through purchasing WW Packs, receiving WW Packs as rewards or Fusing WW Cards.
  • Unexpected Gift
  • 4,200 unique players who meet the eligibility criteria and complete a specific task will be rewarded with this Trinket! Players have a chance to be eligible if they mint a Winter Wanderlands card between December 14th at 4PM PT and December 21st at 4PM PT. This card can be minted by opening a Winter Wanderlands Pack, be it purchased or rewarded, or by utilising the Forge to fuse a new Winter Wanderlands card. Purchasing a card on the Secondary Market will not be eligible as it does not mint a new Winter Wanderlands card. 4,200 players who meet this criteria will be randomly selected to complete a task in order to receive a Trinket reward. Each of these players must trade at least one Legendary Winter Wanderlands Card (whether they be a buyer or a seller, just listing does not count) on any Immutable X powered Marketplace in order to receive this Trinket. This action can be done at any point between eligible players being announced and the conclusion of the Winter Wanderlands set on January 11th at 4PM PST.

Collect them all and show off your Winter Wanderlands spirit in-game! Trinkets will be minted within one month of the conclusion of the Winter Wanderlands set on January 11th at 4PM PT.

Free To Play Winter Wanderlands Access

Weekend Ranked

There will be a slight change to how we integrate Winter Wanderlands Packs into our Weekend Ranked rewards. We want to ensure that these packs can be earned as rewards by our players but we also want to make sure the supply of the cards in this set don’t increase without some controls in place. The rewards that you normally receive for Weekend Ranked will still be Mortal Judgement Packs, but players who meet certain requirements will also receive bonus Winter Wanderlands Booster Packs delivered to them separately!

  • Players who earn at least 1 Legendary Mortal Judgement Pack will receive 3x Winter Wanderlands Booster Packs
  • Players who don’t meet the above criteria but earn at least 1 Epic Mortal Judgement Pack will receive 1x Winter Wanderlands Booster Pack

These rewards will be calculated separately from normal Weekend Ranked rewards so they may be delivered up to a month later.

Candy Chain Event (16 PT Dec to 6 Jan PT)

For the duration of the release of Winter Wanderlands we will be running a brand new collaborative event in Gods Unchained for our players to help Orfeo break the Candy Chain and escape the Winter Wanderlands. The entire community will have to band together by playing games with each of the six Domains in order to achieve the objective and release Orfeo. The progression of requirements to participate can be found below:

  • Chain 1: Ludia 
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Ludia
  • Chain 2: Auros
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Auros
  • Chain 3: Malissus 
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Malissus
  • Chain 4: Elyrian 
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Elyrian
  • Chain 5: Lysander 
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Lysander
  • Chain 6: Aeona 
  • Play 500,000 ranked/casual games with Aeona
  • Overall 
  • Play a total of 1,000,000 ranked/casual games 
  • Play a total of 250,000 ranked/casual games with Winter Wanderlands Cards
  • Limited Time Window
  • At our discretion, playing during certain times will double the amount of progress the community can make, so each game will count for twice as much progress towards breaking the links of the Candy Chain! Be sure to keep an eye out on our Social Media to know when this will be happening

If the community can successfully complete all objectives there is a special, secret reward that will be delivered to all participants. Help Orfeo escape and enjoy our first collaborative community event!

Holiday Rewards

As a special treat and to celebrate the end of the year, we will be providing an additional way to acquire Winter Wanderlands Packs as rewards while playing Gods Unchained. Each day, 1000 players who complete all 10 of their Daily Play & Earn games will have a random chance to receive a bonus Winter Wanderlands Booster Pack. This will be available each day between December 24th at 4PM PT until January 1st at 4PM PT.

We will continue to put the community at the heart of all that we do. Each new initiative is dedicated to ensuring that the entire GU experience continues to be enhanced and improved on, providing existing and new players more avenues to engage, play and get rewarded.

Changes from Light’s Verdict

As you may have noticed there have been a few changes with Winter Wanderlands compared to our most recent launch, Light’s Verdict. We took on board a lot of player feedback in response to that set and we wanted to take some time here to highlight the more significant changes that have been made. 

  • Making cards easier to acquire
  • In Light’s Verdict there was a chance to acquire Light’s Verdict cards with each pack purchased. Now with Winter Wanderlands each pack is guaranteed to only contain Winter Wanderlands cards, making it a lot easier to get your hands on cards from this set, whether you’re purchasing the Packs or earning them through rewards.
  • Not including any cards from outside of Winter Wanderlands
  • Each Winter Wanderlands Pack will only include Winter Wanderlands cards and multiple cards will be contained within each Pack.

Balancing Phase

As with each of our releases, Winter Wanderlands will be subject to a live balancing period known as the Balancing Phase post-release for six weeks. This is a period when the Winter Wanderlands cards can be used by players in a live environment and our balance designers can monitor how each card is performing. During this time, the development team can make changes in response to any imbalances that might show up. Once balancing is complete after six weeks, the Winter Wanderland set will become “closed” meaning that no further changes to the cards will be made. If you want to learn more about the game’s balancing mechanics, methodology and process, please visit the Balance Charter.

Set Availability

Winter Wanderlands Packs will be available from December 14th at 4PM PT until January 11th at 4PM PT, or until the supply runs out! You can acquire Winter Wanderlands Packs from the Gods Unchained shop or by earning them as rewards through gameplay. All purchases are processed on the Immutable X platform, meaning the packs will be available in your Gods Unchained account as soon as your payment has been processed successfully.

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Happy collecting, Mortals!