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Wrapped Packs vs Emotes





Matchup #10: Wrapped Packs v Emotes 

Option 1: Wrapped Packs

Step right up! Welcome to the marketplace! 

Would you like to trade your bag of oranges for another bag of oranges? Sounds kinda boring right? Well how about trading it for a bag of mixed fruits instead? If that sounds more appealing, then Wrapped Packs will be right up your alley!

As it currently stands, trading (at launch) will allow players to exchange a particular card for another card in a direct trade. 

However, the concept for Wrapped Packs is for players to decide the conditions for a fair trade.

For example, they could choose to do a trade that involves a Diamond Pyramid Warden for any 5 Gold War cards. It’s up to the players how the trade is defined!

pick your mix

Option 2: Emotes (re-vote)

Emotes narrowly missed out during its first match up, which is why we've given it another shot this time around! Here's the 101 if you missed it... 

Want to start communicating more on the Battlefield? This is the reward for you. 

Voting here will prioritize the development of tradable in-game emotes. Want to taunt your opponent?  Let them know that you’re about to drop some dirty cards? Or how about just be a darlin’ and commend them on their play?


Emotes will let you do all this and more, offering a variety of ways to communicate and meme your opponent as turns unfold. 

Voting for these rewards only lasts 48 hours, at which time we’ll roll out the next bounty – so cast your votes now! Whichever one gets the most votes by the community will be prioritized by our team.