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Blessing of the $GODS: Extended





Mortals, we have some extraordinary news: the Blessing of the $GODS event is being extended! We’ve seen immense growth in the Gods Unchained ecosystem since the start of this event (does 300% weekly active player growth sound good to you? It definitely does to us!), so we thought we’d carry on the good times for all. 

As a result, Blessing of the $GODS: Part 2 will be running an extra 4 weeks, ending January 24th 3:59pm PST – with a few tweaks to the rewards based on what we've learned from Part 1.

Blessing of the $GODS: The Event

If you’re new here, you might be asking “what is the Blessing of the $GODS?”. Simply put, this is an event the Gods Unchained team is running to give our community a great opportunity to earn $GODS while competing against other mortals.

Any user can participate in this event given they complete the following eligibility criteria. Each player must complete the following tasks WEEKLY (and by weekly, we mean 4pm PST Monday to 3:59pm PST the next Monday each week).

  • Play 20 or more ranked games 
  • Win seven or more ranked games
  • Pass four rounds of each ranked game
  • Be at least Rank 4 (Purified Iron) on Gods Unchained by the end of the campaign to qualify
  • Play versus games with at least 17 unique opponents out of the 20 ranked games played

Note: Any account that is suspected of win trading, botting, multi-accounting or any other wrongful activities will be disqualified AND banned from Gods Unchained.

$GODS will be distributed as rewards according to the points you earn per week, and players must complete all the requirements above to receive any points. To track your progress, visit GUDECKS and search for your username. Rewards will be distributed within 5 days after the end of each week.

These token rewards must be claimed by the 28th April 2022, 23:59 PDT. After this date, all unclaimed tokens will be forfeited.

The points system for Part 1 and Part 2 of Blessing of the $GODS will remain the same:

Base points – Points are given according to the rank of your account at the end of the week.

  • Rank 4 (Purified Iron) – Rank 7 (Twilight Shadow) = 1 point
  • Rank 8 (Midnight Shadow) – Rank 10 (Solar Gold) = 1.5 points
  • Rank 11 (Ethereal Diamond) – Rank 12 (Mythic) = 2 points

Bonus points – Additional points are rewarded if you reach the milestones below:

  • Bonus point = Play 40 ranked games + win 14 ranked games + play against 34 unique opponents
  • Bonus point = Play 60 ranked games + win 21 ranked games + play against 51 unique opponents

Blessing of the $GODS: Part 1

Part 1 of the event will continue to run as outlined in the original Blessing of the $GODS blog, running until 28th December 2021 at approximately 3:59pm PST. This involves:

Rewards – The reward pool increases according to the weekly active players reached that week:

  • Base weekly reward pool = 100,000 $GODS
  • Reach 50,000 weekly active players = 225,000 $GODS
  • Reach 75,000 weekly active players = 350,000 $GODS
  • Reach 100,000 weekly active players = 500,000 $GODS

Max supply for the Blessing of the Gods event is 4,000,000 GODS, with the weekly rewards pool depending on weekly active players.

Blessing of the $GODS: Part 2

The next section of Blessing of the $GODS will run from December 28th 4pm PST – January 24th 3:59pm PST will be work as follows:

Rewards – The reward pool increases according to the weekly active players reached that week:

  • Base weekly reward pool = 80,000 $GODS
  • Reach 15,000 eligible players = 105,000 $GODS
  • Reach 20,000 eligible players = 150,000 $GODS
  • Reach 25,000 eligible players = 212,500 $GODS
  • Reach 30,000 eligible players = 255,000 $GODS
  • Reach 35,000+ eligible players = 315,000 $GODS

Changes: Rewards have changed from weekly active users to eligible players. This puts the focus on those who have qualified for the Blessing of the $GODS rewards, ironing out the bots that came with the flood. What's more, the shifts here are more attainable.

At the time of writing, we're sitting right in the middle at the 25k mark, we expect this to fluctuate a whole bunch over the holiday break – but it will be interesting to see if it drops (as some mortals fall victim to delicious food comas and the allure of the great outdoors) or if it rises (as valiant mortals invite their friends to take part).

Whatever the case, best of luck to you all!

Citadel Herald