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Chris Clay Joins Gods Unchained as Game Director





We’re extremely pleased to announce the addition of Chris Clay to the Gods Unchained team! 

Having worked in game development and design for over 20 years, most recently as Game Director on Magic The Gathering: Arena, Clay brings vast experience to his new role as Game Director on the Gods Unchained project.   

“The Gods Unchained team is full of some amazing people who are really talented and I know I can help them take the game to the next level,” said Chris in a recent interview.

Clay will guide the Gods Unchained development process across new gameplay features, design improvements and help to optimize the overall community experience. 

With him onboard, we aim to further improve the game's long term direction to successfully demonstrate the benefits of blockchain technology to the wider mainstream. 

“I believe blockchain represents a new frontier for game developers,” said Clay. “Digital asset ownership on the blockchain lets developers support games and their communities in ways we’ve never seen before in electronic gaming”.

“A blockchain card doesn’t just sit in a database, it has the ability to travel the world and know where it’s been. Esports pros, streamers, and artists alike can digitally sign and sell digital items to fans. Blockchain isn’t just for digital currency; it is laying the foundation for a whole new digital economy.” 

While at Magic The Gathering Arena, Chris was widely known for how deeply he cared for and listened to the community. Further to this, Chris will be running our first Reddit AMA in the Gods Unchained subreddit (Friday at 9am PST, August 9th) and live streaming on Twitch the following day!

Please join us in welcoming Chris Clay to the team!