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Daily Play & Earn update: Reward Calculations





Good morning, afternoon or evening mortals, depending on where you reside in the realm! With Shine Fusing in the hands of our players for the past few weeks, we thought it would be an excellent time to discuss one of the key reasons for introducing the ability to Shine Fuse cards up to a higher quality: the upcoming Daily Play & Earn feature. This post will go through some of the mechanics that will contribute to the rewards you can earn when the feature launches. 

With Daily Play & Earn being one of the next big goals on the horizon for Gods Unchained, we thought it best to start sharing some details so that everyone in the community can understand why utilizing the Shine Fusing feature is so important. We want to be transparent about some of these mechanisms early, so there isn't a shock to the economy when the feature launches and players won't scramble to update their decks to maximize their reward potential.

For the Daily Play & Earn feature, players will earn points called Fragments from winning games. Each day players will have 10 games that they can earn Fragments from, with the first three wins each day granting players a bonus! At the end of the day, players earn $GODS token rewards from the rewards pool (just like Weekend Ranked) based on how many Fragments they earned relative to the rest of the community. 

The calculation determining how many Fragments a player can earn each game is split into two sections: the Gameplay Modifier and the Deck Modifier. These are both weighted equally, so players who are skilled but don't have any minted cards can have similar earning potential to players with lower skill but a more robust collection of cards. This is important to ensure that we still distribute $GODS rewards widely to our active players. Daily Play & Earn will follow a similar system to Weekend Ranked, where each day will feature the total number of $GODS tokens and players are rewarded with a percentage of this pool depending on how well they perform.

Please note that all of the designs and values outlined in this blog post are subject to change as we continue to work on Daily Play & Earn.

Gameplay Modifier

The Gameplay Modifier consists of two parts determining how many rewards a player can earn. The first is the player's current Rank at the start of a game, as well as the player's ability to win games. The majority of this modifier will come from the player's Rank, with a small boost to reward potential if players are on a hot streak with their results. The graph below shows how the modifier increases relative to the player's Rank. The progression of the win rate bonus follows a similar trend.

Deck Modifier

The Deck Modifier is based on the Quality of the cards used in the deck you play with each game. The value of card Quality progresses in the same way as the Shine Fusing requirements in the Forge. If a Meteorite card is worth 1 point, then a Shadow card is worth 5 points, a Gold card is worth 25, and a Diamond is worth 125. There is also an added bonus based on the lowest Quality card in a deck. This bonus is a constant value that increases with the Quality of the lowest card. Plain cards convey no bonus, Meteorite cards have a bonus of 0.15, Shadow cards have a bonus of 0.2 and Gold cards have a bonus of 0.25. Diamond cards don’t have a bonus because there’s no way to have Diamond be the lowest quality card until the deck is the highest Quality possible!

As you can see in these graphs, the rewards are significant for upgrading the Quality of the cards within your deck. While individual cards on their own might not significantly impact potential rewards, completing a full deck yields a large bonus to the rewards you can earn.

Example Calculation

Gameplay Modifier

  • Player Rank: 9
  • Win Streak: Yes
  • Gameplay Modifier = 0.405 + 0.09
  • Gameplay Modifier = 0.495

Deck Modifier

  • Deck Composition: 1 Diamond, 3 Gold, 10 Shadow, 16 Meteorite
  • Deck Value = (Card Quantity x Card Quality Value)
  • Deck Value = (1 x 125) + (3 x 25) + (10 x 5) + (16 x 1) = 266
  • Normalised Deck Value= Deck Value / Full Diamond Deck Value
  • Normalised Deck Value = 266 / 3750 = 0.071
  • Deck Modifier = Normalised Deck Value x (1 - Minimum Quality Boost) + Minimum Quality Boost
  • Deck Modifier = 0.071 x (1 - 0.15) + 0.15 = 0.21035
  • Deck Modifier = 21.035%

Thanks for reading, and hopefully, you better understand how you can increase your reward potential when the Daily Play & Earn feature launches in the coming months! We will continue sharing details as we progress towards the launch of Daily Play & Earn, so be sure to keep an ear out! Please share your thoughts so we can take your feedback on board as we continue to develop this feature. Thank you to all of our players for your dedication to Gods Unchained!

InFinitySquid, Product Manager of Monetization

Note: This blog post has been edited to accurately reflect the graphs based on community feedback.