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End of Quarter Update





We’ve come a long way over the last month developing some awesome improvements behind the scenes (while interviewing of ????’s of candidates for our open positions).

I want to start to give you some insight into what we’re working on, where things are going, and more importantly, wHeN bEtA.

We’re aiming to launch Open Beta in 10 weeks

Open Beta will be, in short, when anybody can come to our website for the first time, purchase a pack, and immediately start playing. It’s also when the crucial 3 month “balancing period” for Genesis cards will kick off, setting off the countdown before they’re unlocked for trade.

There are two things to be aware of with this timeline:

  • There are certain benchmarks we want to hit before announcing we’re in open beta (see new roadmap below). If we don’t meet those benchmarks, we will push it back. We’re not going to rush giving the world access if its state doesn’t meet our standards.
  • If you’ve purchased a pack before today, you will be let in before June 10th - regardless of whether or not we’ve kicked off open beta.

A Well Improved Roadmap

One of our aims for Q2 is to provide better ways for our community to stay clued in with what the hell it is we do. To accomplish this, one of the (many) things we’re putting out is a more comprehensive, real-time, Trello-based roadmap. This will function as a source of truth for what our plans are, and allow the community to comment and vote on features they are most interested in. This helps our community be more involved in our development, and we think that’s pretty damn cool.

Our new roadmap provides a ???????????????????? ???????????????? into some of the things we’ve been working on. You can check it out here.

Quality of Life Improvements

Inventories on the main site should now be loading significantly faster. We have fixed a variety of bugs relating to set functionality on the inventory and permanently fixed the mechanism which was leading to card property desyncs.

More Beta Invites

We’ll invite another 200 people into the beta over the weekend… and more next weekend… and more the weekend after that. Anytime we do this, I get a lot of DM’s from people asking to be let in, and to be honest, i’m sick of being Dr. Evil and telling y’all no.

So I automated it, homies. Blame the algorithm from now on. Sayonara.  

Things it takes into account:

On a side note, if you have made videos or articles on us in the past and haven’t yet been let in yet, send me the link (perks#2804) on discord along with your Apollo ID or the email you used to sign up, and I’ll be sure it’s counted towards your community involvement score.

Blessed Chimera

In about an hour, we will be sending an email to everyone who qualified for the Blessed (Golden) Chimera, allowing them to claim the card. After thoughtful consideration, we’re also happy to share the Chimera will be a standard tradable NFT (unlocked post balancing period).

Upcoming Events

Some of us here at Fuel Games are planning to finally leave the office, stretch our legs and show off Gods Unchained at a few conferences. Here’s where we plan to be, so swing by and stalk us if you’re around!

  • EDCON (Sydney, April 11th) + Special Announcement
  • Consensus (New York City, May 13th)
  • DGA Summit (Los Angeles, June 10th)
  • E3 (Los Angeles, June 11th)

And that’s all she he wrote. Have a wonderful weekend and a frustrating April fools day.


Mod Perks

P.S. 5+ years in marketing? Want to work with influencers, and develop a secret project? I may have a job in Sydney with your name on it... Email me your CV. For other jobs, go here.