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Game Update 0.39 – A Divine Shift





Well lookee here! There’s a large amount of new content dropping with 0.39, and all of this could spell a dramatic shift to how the game is played. This release sees new cards enter the Arena ahead of sales, god powers change up, and new keywords and mechanics come into play. 

New content:

  • New God Powers are live. The champions now lend you their might in the form of special god powers. Learn all you need to know about the new god powers here.
  • Divine Order set is live. Over 190 cards are now hiding in the shadows ahead of the sales release. We’re currently building out the sales platform for the upcoming expansion, but you can now draw upon cards from the upcoming set in the Arena with mechanics such as delve. View all the new cards here
  • New mechanics are live. Frenzied, armor, order, and blessed are all available in-game. Want to learn more about what these do? Watch the keyword videos that outline each mechanic at the Divine Order website here

New Additions:

  • Strongest to weakest card resolution – A new way of actioning card effects is now available for specific cards. Cards can now make actions based on the strongest and weakest creatures – such as is the case with Einar, the Frozen King. How is this determined? The strongest creature is determined by highest strength. Ties then move on to look at a creature’s current health. If it’s another tie, it then moves onto base mana cost. If a tie still remains, a target will be randomly selected. Weakest is the same process, but starting from the lowest strength, as opposed to the highest. 
  • Card preview sound effects – We’ve added a sound effect when you hover over a card to inspect it during a match.
  • Spell Boost clarity – The Spell Boost icon at the bottom of a card now displays the total spell boost value for a creature, similar to burn, and regen.
  • New visual effects – We’ve added a new visual effect when some passive card effects activate.


  • Fixed an occasional de-sync issue with Sanctum (causing cards to appear and disappear as the game re-synchronizes with the server) when multiple cards are purchased.
  • Fixed visual issues with the Sanctum after purchasing cards. Cards would occasionally be in grayscale or shift around.
  • Fixed an issue where creatures removed from the board could display incorrect stats upon return. For example, the stacks of burn could increase as opposed to staying the same.To clarify the position of how status effects function, a creature should only lose the stats that it’s gained if it’s killed, or these stats are actively altered. 
  • You now only hear a sound effect when your own mana gems are refilled, as opposed to also hearing a sound effect for your opponent’s.
  • Fixed some minor sound effect duplication issues that caused sounds to play twice when hovering a card in your hand, or a god died.
  • Resolved an issue where reconnecting while playing a card that affects multiple cards, such as Lost in the Depths, could cause the wrong player to have their turn paused. 
  • Resolved an issue where a card in your hand could be selected to be the chosen one. A chosen one card can now, as per design intent, only be selected from a card that is in the deck, as opposed to also including a card in your hand.
  • Resolved an issue where a destroyed chosen one that is pulled from the void could continue to receive a buff until the new chosen one is drawn from the deck.
  • Resolved an issue where, if you had 8 cards in your hand, a double pull caused no cards to be pulled to the hand.This was most prevalent with Neferu, Champion of Death
  • Fixed an issue where Crush Construct would not action its card text when the opponent played a relic card. 
  • Ransom no longer can bypass ward.

Known Issues: 

There’s a lot coming in this release, and it’s one of our bigger drops. Thanks to the PTR playdays and our internal QA testing, this release comes equipped with some known issues. Many of these already have fixes, which we are building into upcoming game  updates, but instead of making you wait for weeks, we wanted to get these cards in your hands ahead of time. 

The only game-effecting card we are aware of is Patient Pickpocket. We will keep a close eye on this, and take actions as necessary. When weighing up the options, we ultimately decided that delaying the release to fix this particular card wasn’t worth denying everyone the chance to play with this set live. 

If you run into any extras, please use the bug reporter tool in the top right of the screen during a match. 

  • During this build, Mythic cards will not display their art when in hand. Once played to the board, the card art will appear as normal. 
  • Mythic Cards gain legendary wreaths when on the board.
  • Patient Pickpocket does not have flank applied in-game, despite having the keyword on the card.
  • When losing order, Patient Pickpocket pulls a placeholder card to the hand. Using this card while it is in your hand can cause a softlock, as the card isn’t currently detected as a playable card. After the turn resolves, the placeholder card will refresh and become a playable card. 
  • While the visual mesh over the card art will disappear as intended, a card who has order removed can occasionally see the order badge at the bottom of card remain at 0 instead of disappearing altogether. This is a visual bug only, and units with 0 order do not have any order effects applied.
  • Rat of Perplexion doesn’t deal damage to creatures with hidden. 
  • When Rat of Reinforcement buffs a creature in-hand, the drum animation is not visible. This is a visual bug only, and the buff is still applied.
  • When a creature is destroyed, creatures with Blitz will have the summoning sickness animation (the zzz visual after you play a card). This is a visual bug only, and affected creatures will still gain the visual glow that lets you know they are playable and will continue to function as normal.
  • Helm Hustler currently displays the incorrect card art. The card art belongs to Plate Pilferer.
  • Protective Bendicition’s child cards display as being part of the Deception domain instead of Light. 
  • Sage of Renewal applies regen +2 twice to a card instead of once. 
  • Takhat, the Forgotten pulls a creature to the left-hand side of the board, instead on the right.
  • Strongest/Weakest uses current mana cost instead of base mana cost. 
  • Stormfield does not deal damage to some creatures that have lost order.
  • Shaped Blast doesn’t affect non-tribe/faction creatures
  • Frenzied visual effects won’t show on creatures pulled to your side of the board. All frenzied functions will still work as intended. 
  • While there are currently no frenzied visual effects on relics, these still function as intended.