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Game Update 0.42 - Hidden Fixes





Game Update 0.42 has just hit the launcher mortals, and it’s full of a buncha’ good stuff. Keen to know more? Read on! 

What’s been fixed?

First up, let’s dive into the fixes in 0.42! Have you ever experienced jumping into a match of Gods Unchained and getting served with the dreaded “connection failure” or “config error”? We know we have (and have seen many reports from you on Discord). The team’s done some rearranging on the data backend, so these instances should now be few and far between!

On the topic of connection failures, how about that pesky reconnection screen? Definitely not a fun time. The good news is that the team’s also dealt a blow to this issue! After looking into how opponent information was obtained on reconnection, they spotted a hiccup in the flow. The team applied a fix and while it’s not 100% solved yet, the frequency of this happening should drop significantly.

What else did spotting the aforementioned hiccup in the flow enable us to tackle? The black board of ~doom~! Changing the way opponent information was gathered has also helped reduce the number of times users will see this happen.

Last but not least, client logs. A few eagle-eyed users noticed that client logs had gone MIA recently, and that was something the team wanted to rectify immediately. After a deep-dive into the issue, we found that our fixes to the server a couple of weeks ago inadvertently affected the logs client side. This was quite a simple fix, so now you can all enjoy pouring over all the log-tastic information once again!

What’s been upgraded?

Now onto the really exciting stuff: backend server analytics! Y’all know we at Gods Unchained love our data, and we’re looking to integrate it even more thoroughly throughout our processes moving forward. One step towards this data-driven utopia is upgrading our servers to provide us with more backend server analytics. In simple terms, this means the team will be armed with more information to problem solve from here on in. Quicker and more robust fixes made by informed decisions, what more could a mortal ask for?

Finally, as you all are likely aware of, the team’s been working on mobile development. Endless tests have been run, and the team identified that some performance changes were needed to play the game on mobile. By implementing these changes and monitoring the positive effects, they decided to port some of these into the desktop version of the game as well. This should increase performance across both platforms, which is great news for all!

That’s it for today, mortals.

See you in the Arena.

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