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A glimpse of $GODS





TLDR: $GODS is designed to sit at the center of play to earn. It's built to last, with the allocation being split into multiple sections that will be distributed over time. The main three are: Play to Earn (gameplay rewards), Community & Ecosystem (wider distribution and rewards), and Gods Unchained (marketing and investment).

Based on feedback, we are planning to increase the initial Airdrop allocation from 3% to 7% in total. The total supply of tokens will also increase from 50M to 500M. While nothing is confirmed until the official whitepaper is released, we’re keen to hear your feedback over on Reddit!


Hey everyone, 

LaRox here, Product Lead for the $GODS token; I’ve spent the first half of 2021 leading the charge in bringing $GODS to Gods Unchained with the aim to reshape what tokens and play to earn games can do. While we’re finalising the whitepaper, I really wanted to bring you in on both our long-term and immediate plays around $GODS, so you can get a better idea of what this means for you,  and Gods Unchained as a whole.

$GODS-like origins

$GODS is the native ERC-20 token of the Gods Unchained universe, designed to sit at the center of Gods Unchained’s play to earn functionality. We’ve laid the foundations for, and iterated upon, play to earn along the Gods Unchained journey but – as we saw with flux, fusing and the forge – speed bumps arose when obstacles such as gas fees became an issue. With Immutable X as a base, what we were looking for was not only a way to reward you with in-game utility, but a way to bring external utility into the mix – providing an exciting gameplay foundation that would last for years and years to come. That’s where $GODS comes in.

So, how does $GODS contribute to play to earn? It creates multiple new avenues for players to experience play to earn, providing reward streams that are scalable and adaptable as the game and its community continue to grow.

$GODS plan

$GODS is built to scale. It’s set up with long term functionality that benefits everyone in the ecosystem, whether they be players, traders, collectors, you name it; $GODS and Gods Unchained are intrinsically tied together. As with Gods Unchained, $GODS is built to grow in power and utility the more users it reaches, which is why it’s living at the heart of the game. 

As $GODS is a long term commitment, these tokens aren’t dropped all at once, but released over time to keep the ecosystem flowing. While the whitepaper is in the works, I wanted to take you through two of the largest pieces that make up the $GODS allocation: 

Play to Earn Pool: 

This is set to be the largest pool as, ultimately, Gods Unchained players are the heart and soul of the game. These tokens largely make up our play to earn allocation, set aside for players to receive through gameplay campaigns, and other gameplay habits. The current vision is that we’ll set up defined periods of time that will see a fixed number of tokens distributed to all players who complete specific criteria. Methods to gain this rewards pool will grow and evolve over time as our playerbase grows and Gods Unchained evolves. So this will be an exciting space to explore. 

Community & Ecosystem Fund:

One of the many things that sets $GODS aside from other tokens on the market is the size of the community allocation. This is to give back to the community who support us and continue to support us as we go ahead. A large community pool has several benefits like rewarding activities that expand the game economy (such as referring others or managing the community), participation in Discord, running and participating in tournaments, events, content creators, partners, and third party developers. It sets us in good stead to reward those who work to expand and make Gods Unchained stronger. There’s a lot of room to move here, especially considering the community is always growing and creating new ways to engage with Gods Unchained. 

You’re probably thinking: doesn’t $GODS run out? Yes and no. $GODS token supply has a hard cap, which means there is a limited amount available, but as we go along $GODS will recycle into a pool not listed above called the Staking Rewards Pool. This isn’t part of the initial allocation, rather a pool that grows organically. Play to earn actions like NFT fusing will see $GODS returned to this pool and distributed out again. This pool is what gives $GODS long-term legs. Overtime, more in-game and external actions will be introduced to ensure the ecosystem stays healthy and $GODS keeps cycling. 

$GODS from the get-go

The first interaction you’ll have with $GODS is the airdrop. This is a small part of the overall $GODS narrative, but an important one nonetheless as it gives us the opportunity to reward our O.G. Gods Unchained supporters with an upfront ‘Hey, thanks for all your support!’ drop. The art here is in finding that perfect space that both adequately rewards our initial supporters, and provides enough to scale with the long-term play to earn vision that will set the game and our players up for success in the years to come. Feedback from the community was that 3% felt low for the support they put behind us, and we’ve taken this into account. After much discussion and tweaking of the model, this number has been increased to 7% of the total supply. We are planning to give a total of 6% of these out as early supporter rewards, going to users who held Trial of the Gods and Genesis cards before the snapshots were taken. 

For this allocation, we took three separate snapshots in total: 

  • The Genesis snapshot was taken June 21, 4:30pm PDT based on the collection data on mainnet (Layer 1).
  • The Trial of the Gods snapshot was taken June 23, 4pm PDT based on the collection data in Immutable X (Layer 2).
  • As some of the ToTG cards remain unminted, we took a separate snapshot of these at June 23, 4pm PDT.

This means we added an additional 3% on top of the initial amount of tokens originally planned to be included in the airdrop, with the note that this additional 3% will be subject to a lock up across the first 3 months. This gives us an opportunity to truly reward our most loyal supporters with more $GODS, whilst giving us time to bootstrap the play to earn economy within Gods Unchained, as well as our user base. 

The remaining 1% is both a buffer and being reserved for a play to earn event that any Gods Unchained player can take part in, but more on this to come. 

We think this better reflects the community’s efforts, without taking a damaging amount away from the long term benefits that $GODS can provide.

When we designed the airdrop, we used some of the most loved projects’ airdrops such as Uniswap and 1inch as our inspiration. Our goal was to make our airdrop as great, if not better, than theirs. To give our community a more detailed view, here is how we stack up against them based on the new changes:

TokenAirdrop sizeEstimated eligible walletsAvg % of total supply per walletGods Unchained6%24,0000.00025%Uniswap15%300,9460.00005%1inch6.5%55,0000.00012%

Just a note: The table above is to outline a comparison between a variety of airdrops, ours will not be based on Uniswap and/or 1inch userbases.

Next up is the public sale. This sees $GODS becoming available to a wider audience. Here, users beyond the initial airdrop have the opportunity to purchase and hold $GODS from the start. This is important foundational work for $GODS, as these users provide the initial base for the token. It’s the point where founders are made, the ones responsible for kicking off the new ecosystem, and making their mark. 

Once $GODS is in the hands of users, governance – aka decision making opportunities – and active staking – aka holding tokens and playing the game leading to earning more tokens – will provide the main functionality, with NFT crafting being built out shortly after once the Forge returns. These are currently being modeled and built out in the whitepaper, but for now you can check out the $GODS website for more here.

On that note, we’re upping the overall token supply from 20,000,000 to 500,000,000. Feedback here was that users would rather have 1,000 tokens as opposed to 0.03 of a token, even if they are worth the same price – and we tend to agree. It does feel good to get a whole lotta something. 

The future of $GODS Unchained 

Plans beyond launch revolve around spreading the good $GODS word, bringing in the masses. Our ultimate goal is to ensure $GODS and Gods Unchained are viable for the long haul. We’re set on making a truly free to play game, and we’re going to do so by building out a system that offers you more than what any other play to earn game currently offers. This token is the centerpiece for this movement; not only do you get to play a really engaging game, but there are multiple ways to earn and grow alongside it. $GODS is our avenue to effectively demonstrate how play to earn games can turn the status quo on its head. 

A Gods Unchained allocation is set aside to help here: seeing $GODS worked into marketing strategies, content creator partnerships, market making, and more. We’ve got plans to unleash our marketing hounds (just a figure of speech, they are actually really lovely people, but hounds are also lovely imo) at key points throughout this release. It’s coming time to show the masses the potential of Gods Unchained, which means showing them the potential of $GODS, play to earn, and Ethereum scaling (via Immutable X) to really win them over. In the wider sense, we’re also working towards getting $GODS up and running on tier 1 exchanges, broaching the wider crypto ecosystem to further showcase the potential of a token with genuine utility. 

These efforts aim to grow the community as a whole, increasing engagement with the game, the token, the amount of holders and thus traders of Gods Unchained assets. 

So, what’s next? In the immediate future, we want to hear your feedback! We’ve been on this journey together so far, and we plan on continuing moving ahead together as we work on finalising the whitepaper.

Phew! That was quite a piece. Thanks for taking the time to get this far, and I hope it’s given you some insight into the wider vision of $GODS and what we’re looking to achieve. I’m genuinely exhilarated to be getting a P2E token that provides utility, both in and outside of the GU world, into your hands. 

~LaRox, Product Lead for Gods Unchained