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Immutable X Marketplace: Early Access





Immutable X is here, offering gas-free transactions within its walls and unblocking NFT trading for all mortals. 


Gods Unchained players are invited to take part in the exclusive early access phase, utilising the Alpha build of Immutable X to trade Trial of the Gods cards, followed by the Genesis set. The early access phase will run from the Marketplace opening, to the point where the first partner is integrated onto the exchange (after Genesis minting is complete).

So what does early access look like? Let’s go through it!

Welcome to Immutable X 

When you land in Immutable X you’ll be greeted by the Immutable X Marketplace. During early access, this will be entirely populated with Gods Unchained cards. As time goes on and Immutable X opens up to the general public, you’ll see assets from other games and developers filling these halls too. 

Similarly, the marketplace will start off with limited functionality, one of which being minting shut off for the first section of launch to help monitor trading. If you own Trial of the Gods cards, make sure you have linked your wallet before 4am PDT, April 7 2021 to ensure you can trade your cards at launch. It's important to note that the pre-release minting cutoff date doesn’t equal a launch date (as there’s still a little work to do after the cutoff). After this date, you can still link your wallet to Immutable X and purchase cards from other users on the marketplace when it launches, it simply means any unminted cards associated with your wallet will be minted when minting reactivates. 

As the stages progress you’ll see more filters and sorting options popping up to help you find exactly what you seek. 

Get set up to trade

To get started, head to the ‘Connect Wallet’ section. If you’ve already linked your wallet during the early linking stage, you’ll already have generated an Immutable X Key for your wallet – making this process a breeze. This becomes as simple as clicking ‘Sign in’, which will prompt a request to unlock your Immutable X Key using your Ethereum wallet private key, thus populating your Immutable X inventory with the relevant NFTs. 

This process doesn’t give Immutable or any other organisation access to, or control over, your wallet or its contents – it simply shows Immutable X which assets you have, and where assets should be sent from and to. To ensure your transactions are secure, you’ll follow this same process each time you enter Immutable X.

For newcomers, welcome! You’ll be travelling down the ‘Register a new Immutable X Key’ path. Simply follow the prompts to connect your wallet. If you’re having issues, head to as there you'll find in-depth step-by-step guides to help you through.

If you don’t have a wallet at all (or don’t know what one is), you can learn more about them/create one by following these steps

Deposit ETH to shake gas from trades

Your final brush with gas is nigh, mortal. It’s time to shake off that unwelcome creature and enter a land where gas is a thing of the past. 

If you own Trial of the Gods assets and are just looking to sell (either you earned them by playing Weekend Ranked games, or you’ve purchased them from the store) you can skip this step and head straight to the sell section! If you’re looking to buy Trial of the Gods cards with ETH, you can either sell cards for ETH, or deposit ETH from the Ethereum network into Immutable X. 

To do so, simply type in the amount of ETH you’d like to deposit and you’ll be on your way. As this transaction is the only one moving from the Ethereum mainnet to Immutable X, it’s 1. not as fast as transactions within the exchange and may take some time, and 2. a victim of Ethereum’s gas fees, which your MetaMask wallet will display. With an Ethereum trade, the amount of gas is dependent on the gwei price at the time, but will be the same whether you transfer a small or large amount, so deposit wisely. 

And with that, your ETH is now safe within Immutable X, meaning you no longer have to deal with gas on trades. The only time you'll see gas again is when you withdraw and return your ETH to the Ethereum network.

Good riddance, gas fees – no one liked you. 

UPDATE 8 April, 2021: Please note that during the early stages of the Alpha release, withdrawals of ETH can take up to 24 hours to appear in the Ethereum mainnet.

Once your ETH has both been prepared for withdrawal and has completed the withdrawal process, it will then be transferred back to the Ethereum mainnet. Progress can be tracked on Etherscan.

View your collection

Once your wallet is linked, Immutable X will showcase all your assets that have been minted in the exchange. As a layer 2 solution, all items are secured by the Ethereum mainnet, meaning you retain self-custody over your NFTs with the same level of security and interoperability as mainchain Ethereum.

With Stage 2 of the rollout, only Trial of the Gods assets will be minted to begin with; whereas Stage 4 will see Genesis cards joining the fray. As new sets are minted and new items enter the exchange, your inventory could be a hub of different NFTs, from different sets and even different games. None as good as Gods Unchained though, of course. 

Time to trade

Sell your cards to other mortals

We’ve reached the juicy bit! Trading. Gods Unchained is built on the premise that you can truly own your cards – and this means you can trade them with other users for ETH. Selling a card is as simple as selecting a card from your inventory, and setting a price that you’d be happy to accept. Once a listing is live, it will be viewable in the marketplace and anyone on Immutable X can purchase it. 

If you change your mind about a listing, or list it for the wrong price, you are able to cancel it for no extra fees – but be warned! Trades are instant and irreversible. If someone purchases your listing before you cancel, it’s theirs forever. Make sure you get those decimal points in the right place. It would be a tragedy to list something for 0.001 when you mean to list it for 0.1.

Buy cards for your collection

Purchasing is just as easy. Head to the marketplace, find a card you like and purchase it! If you have enough ETH, that NFT will appear in your Immutable X inventory straight away thanks to instant transactions on the exchange.

During the Alpha experience, there will be a short delay before cards show in the Gods Unchained launcher inventory, but this will be reduced as we move through the Alpha.

For the duration of the Gods Unchained early access period, there will be no transaction fees at all on trades. This is a thank you to early adopters who are getting in first. Once we exit Alpha, transaction fees will be introduced as a way to keep Immutable X sustainable and help us grow. Unlike gas fees, transaction fees will be predictable and transparent. For trading, these will be a minor percentage of a trade, with a standard fee sitting roughly at 3.75% of a trade. This process will be refined across Alpha, and may be subject to change.

Let’s compare this to gas fees:

Hypothetically, an NFT is listed on the Ethereum network for 0.0001 ETH. A steal right? You just gotta have it. Using the gas price at the time of writing (an average of 322 gwei), this purchase on the Ethereum network would cost a gas fee of 0.0419 ETH. That’s roughly $67.88 USD for a 16 cent USD purchase. Skewed? A little. Worth it? Definitely not. By comparison 3.75% of 16 cents is  0.0000037 ETH (less than 1 cent USD). Worth it? You betcha. 

Down the line, third-party marketplaces will be able to set their own fees for trading, but this feature will roll out as Immutable X grows.

View Transactions

The final section of the Immutable X Alpha release is the Transactions panel. All your transactions in Immutable X, from ETH arriving, to NFTs moving around, will be easily visible here. Being a Layer 2 solution, these transactions are secured directly by Ethereum without compromise.

The future of NFTS is almost here!

With Immutable X, true ownership is stronger than ever. As an Alpha release, this is just the beginning of what the exchange will offer. Going head, new features will roll out, new assets will be added, and new developers will join the ecosystem, giving players and traders more choice and power over their digital assets than ever before. 

Once the marketplace has launched, you can find more info on the ins and outs of its working at, and as always – make sure to give us feedback on Discord.

Happy trading, mortals!

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