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Improve your game with these hand-crafted Deck Codes





Building a solid deck is the key to success in Gods Unchained. Once you find the right cards that pair with your playstyle, things never feel better. But finding that deck? Well, it's not easy.

Thanks to Deck Codes, you can now share your creations with ease, as well as import those that others create with the click of a button. So long as you own all the cards, the code will populate your workshop with all you need. If you're missing a few cards form the deck, using a code will populate your deck with all the cards you own, leaving a space for you to make up the gaps at the end.

Importing a deck

Using deck codes is easy. Simply copy the code of a deck you like and navigate to the WORKSHOP tab in the Game Launcher. From there, click the 'Import Deck' button, and paste your code.

Community decks

You can find new and exciting decks over at Here, community members share decks that have worked for them, and you can search for free starter decks as well as go all out and find decks using expansion cards too!

Eager to get started? Some of our community legends have come together to provide you with the some ace decks to get you rolling.


CopperPitch (Follow on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter) has put together something for all mortals who look to the light when they need hope.

"For God Power, I prefer Summon Acolyte (or Lysander's Honor) in the F2P version vs Heal in the All Cards version as there aren't as many heal targets off the bat, but the idea of both decks is similar. Maintain control of the board, and buff your creatures. Asterius, Glittering One is a phenomenal finishing tool for any deck with lots of 2 strength or less creatures."

Free to Play Light (Core and Welcome set only) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"Summon Acolyte or Lysander's Honor God Power. Maintain control of the board by making favorable trades, and buff your creatures so they can make more trades. Asterius, Glittering One is a phenomenal finishing tool for any deck with lots of 2 strength or less creatures."

Anything Goes Light (All sets) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"Heal God Power to keep all your creatures at full health and maintain control of the board. Also Heal allows you to draw cards with Sern. Kadmos, Son of Lysander and Sern, The Moderator are two strong Legendary creatures that help maintain control against your opponents. Mulligan keeps are typically Cudgel of Atonement and Pyramid Warden or Olympian Guard depending on matchups. Light's Levy going second is generally nice, as are Vanguard Axewoman + Shieldbearer, and of course Pyramid Warden and Cudgel of Atonement. My new favorite card Radiant Dawn gives you a fighting chance against sleep Deception/Death! Thank the gods!


TheeSamBam (Follow on Twitch, Twitter) has conjured up a storm of spells with his two decks for the truly gifted.

Free to Play Magic (Core and Welcome sets only) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"This is a really fun and competitive F2P(Free to Play) Tempo Magic Deck. It can keep up with S tier Zoo and Control Decks in Mythic. 1/3 of the Deck is from the Welcome Set which you receive when you download the game. The other 20 cards can be earned by leveling up or by participating in the 'Weekend Ranked Tournaments'. Oni Spellsword is the MVP of the Deck giving ward to your creature as well as Snowballing his attack with low cost cards. Choralis Rune Moth and Rune Writer are our Value Generators, I prefer the god power Magebolt it's only 2 mana and very versatile. If you try it out, let me know what you think"

Anything Goes Magic (All cards) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"This is a low curve Tempo Magic Deck that is very competitive in Mythic. It runs cards from Genesis, Trial of the Gods, Divine Order, Core, and the Welcome Set. This is a very fast Temp Magic Deck, It has Pallas Wand, Demetrios, Playwright and Vortimer the Volatile for draw. 2x Miraculous Familiar for value generation, and Oni Spellsword who provides ward to other creatures as well as Snowballing his attack with each card played. I run 2x Crystal Rains to help contest board while playing against faster decks. It's a really fun deck to play, and magic is very strong in the current meta. Try it out and let me know what you think."


FakeMews (Follow on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter) brings the heat of battle with his War decks. Have your doubts? Check out his win streak with the F2P deck!

Free to Play War (Core and Welcome sets only) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"This build is an aggro based war deck. Ideally you will control the board early and use your god power in the later stages to put the finishing blow to your opposition. Ideal F2P deck for farming $GODS/Flux quickly."

Anything Goes War (All cards) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"Fast past adrenaline filled Gods Unchained with this deck that does not waste time! You shall either dominate the early board and knock your opponent out swiftly or lose the late game."


Professerf (Follow on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter) has planted the seeds for some powerful plays. Will you reap the rewards?

Free to Play Nature (Core and Welcome sets only) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"This F2P deck focuses on low-curve, fast aggro playstyle. Look for a starting hand consisting of low-mana cost creatures to establish a wide board at the beginning. Follow up with favorable trades, removal spells (Canopy Barrage, Lightning Strike) and Staff of Roots. Look to activate combo piece with Wildfire and Wild tribe creatures on board."

Anything Goes Nature (All cards) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"Low curve deck that emphasizes board control with stat advantage of your creatures. Look for a strong opening with Nature cards: Marsh Walker, Underbrush Boar, Black Jaguar. Going second, look for strong reactive cards: Faeflame Blade, Canopy Barrage, Pyramid Warden. Focus on controlling opponent's board, with liberal use of the 1 mana Flourish, which gives your creatures +1 Strength and Regen 1. With control of the board and getting Overgrown Rhino or Moon Crazed Cyclops is path to victory."


Lion (Follow on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter) has delved into the dark arts and summoned a plague of cards to throw at your enemies. Use only if you dare!

Free to Play Death (Core and Welcome sets only) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"Goal: Face is the Place. Be aggressive and win quickly. Using lots of token generation you gain a wide board and prioritize attacking the opposing god, only taking trades which will protect your bigger creatures with lower health pools from connecting next turn. Refill your hand with draw from Vrock and Famished Ghoul, and take advantage of your extra tokens and god power through The Old Ritual to close out games. Check the GUDecks link above for some alternative gameplay suggestions!"

Anything Goes Death (All cards) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


"Standard Board Wipe Death minus that expensive Jacob guy and one of quite literally the best card in the deck. For when you need to Board Wipe on a Budget! (Actual results may vary)."


Our very own developer DantheDev stepped in to give you his top picks for Deception.

Free to Play Deception (Core and Welcome sets only) View on GU Decks

Deck Code:


Anything Goes Deception (All cards) View on GU Decks

Deck Code: