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When competing in a market filled with promising games, the first impression can be crucial in deciding the success of your game. And while the very first glance can determine if a player will give your game a chance, the design, the lore, the creative direction, and the overall charm are the elements that give the game life. 

To triumph in such an endeavour, an individual of immense creativity, artistic sense, and motivation is required.

In this “Meet the Team” series, we will meet Cameron Dayton, a person of truly unique history and skills and the Creative Director here at Immutable Games Studio. Having worked at some of the biggest titles in web2, Cameron is now an invaluable member of the Gods Unchained team.

About Cameron Dayton

It was no exaggeration when we said Cameron was a person with a unique history. 

He co-founded “Chair Entertainment” in 2005 and has worked on significant projects, including Infinity Blade, Shadow Complex, and Advent Rising. Later, he was tasked with writing the lore and dialogue for World of Warcraft, Diablo, Hearthstone, and Starcraft 2. He was the creative director for Call of Duty: WWII and was responsible for the design and storyline for the Nazi Zombies while cooperating with the Deadspace team. Last but not least, Cameron was the Senior World Designer for Overwatch.

As if all of this was not enough, you may have also recognised Cameron Dayton for his Amazon best-seller "Etherwalker." By the way, watch out for the sequel if you're a fan.

Tell us about your career

Long story short, I’ve been designing, writing, and directing narrative-based games for over 20 years. From scrappy start-ups to some of the bigger studios in the industry, I've been a part of many exciting projects. Each and every adventure has begun with one question “So, what story are we telling here?.” After all these years, I’m excited to open the Immutable storybook!

How do you envision your role as Creative Director at Immutable Games Studio?

Immutable has opened the window to several brand-new universes, and I am eager to explore and shape these universes. My role will be to direct the illumination of the sights, sounds, and scents (new NFT smells pending…) to the rest of the world. I hope my vision of these worlds will be to everyone's liking. Of course, I can’t do it all alone, and I’m lucky enough to work with some incredibly talented and creative teams to help bring these universes to life.

What drew you to Gods Unchained?

I would say the interesting characters, both those in the game and those developing the game, were the first thing that caught my attention. But after getting to know the community of players, witnessing their drive, legitimate alliance, and sense of ownership and even responsibility of the Gods Unchained world sealed the deal.

Do you think all games must go the blockchain/crypto/web3 route? If not, why?

The blockchain element is exciting and new, but we must remember it’s still just a single element in the colourful palette of tools that make up a game. So far, we have learned that it works superbly with specific game genres, but I would never wish to restrict the creative liberties of a game (or any art form) by making web3 development a hard and fast rule. But I guarantee that years from now, crypto elements will be more the rule than the exception for most games. It just makes so much sense when you think about what web3 brings to the table.

What's next for the characters in the game?

I envision a setting permitting more exploration into the vibrant personalities, powers, and even flaws of the GU characters. Perhaps an expansion of the lore and more worldbuilding can benefit the game!

What are your hobbies or passion projects

I like storytelling in all its incarnations. I majored in animation, did freelance work in illustration for a few years, and wrote a screenplay for Netflix. I am a novelist (my cyberpunk novel, Etherwalker, is available on digital, audio, and old-fashioned paper molecules).  I love to surf, snowboard, and read books, any books, all the books.

Any closing comments and where can we reach you!

Looking forward to some real adventures with GU and beyond in the coming year. If you want to talk games, movies, or favourite cereals, I am almost always up for a chat on Twitter - @camerondayton