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Mythic Draw Approaches





UPDATE 20 July: The Mythic Draw has been drawn – congratulations to all the winners involved. Did you miss it? No worries! Find all you need below:

The Mythic Draw is almost here, with plenty of prizes to be won for those who hold valid Draw Tickets. The draw results will be streamed on Tuesday, July 20 @ 6pm PDT on Twitch, where we’ll be giving away the one of a kind Mythic card: Citadel of the Gods.


What can you do until then? Well, you’ll need Draw Tickets to win – so make sure you stock up before the cutoff dates below. Draw Tickets can still be found in the now tradable Trial of the Gods chests, as well as traded on third-party marketplaces.

How the Mythic Draw works

All mortals who hold valid Draw Tickets* will go in the running to win some epic loot. Results are decided by a prize draw, which randomly assigns prizes to the wallets of Draw Ticket holders. 

We’ll be revealing the Mythic Draw results during our livestream on Twitch on July 20 @ 6pm PDT. 

Cutoff for Draw Tickets earned from packs will be Wednesday, July 14 @ 6pm PDT when the final minting point takes place. Cutoff from all trading will be at Ethereum block 12,860,200, unless otherwise specified.


Here's a rundown of significant events. Head to the next section for more details on each.

  • Monday, July 12 @ 6pm PDT – Minting of Draw Tickets as normal.
  • Wednesday, July 14 @ 6pm PDT – Final minting of Draw Tickets.
    ! – Draw Tickets received from packs or chests after this date will not count towards the Mythic Draw. 
  • Monday, July 19 PDT– Trading cutoff at Ethereum block 12,860,200.
    ! – All Draw Tickets traded after this block will not be counted towards the Mythic Draw. 
  • Tuesday, July 20 @ 6pm PDT – Mythic Draw Stream

VALID DRAW TICKET HOLDERS ONLY: As per the Terms and Conditions, only eligible ticket holders are able to take part in the prize draw. If you are in a jurisdiction where applicable laws prohibit your participation in, or the running of, the promotion (such as Australia) you are not eligible to participate and will be removed from the draw. This will be our final draw using this format, as for future expansions we are targeting formats that allow everyone to take part and have a chance at Mythics, not just select regions.

You are able to sell any tickets you have received before the trading cutoff date, but are not eligible to receive prizes drawn. The one exception is that all ticket holders with 800 draw tickets or more will receive the Chaos Card Back, as this particular prize is distributed evenly to all ticket holders who meet the criteria, and is not drawn as part of the Mythic Draw. 

The Details

Final Minting: On Wednesday, July 14 @ 6pm PDT we’ll have our final Draw Ticket minting. This will ensure all Draw Tickets earned from Trial of the Gods packs and chests will be on the chain and tradable. If you want your Draw Tickets to go towards the Mythic Draw, make sure you open your Trial of the Gods packs & chests before this date. Any tickets gained from opening a Trial of the Gods Chest after this date won’t count towards the Mythic Draw as they won’t be minted. 

Trading continues: You are still able to trade tickets on third party marketplaces right up until the cutoff block. 

Trading cutoff: At this point, a snapshot will be taken of Ethereum block 12,860,200, which will capture all minted Draw Tickets (and the wallets they exist in) at this block. Once that snapshot is taken all Mythic Draw entries are closed, and any trading done after this block won’t count towards the Mythic Draw. 

We expect this block to land somewhere on Monday, July 19 but, given the nature of the blockchain, we can’t accurately predict this, so we reserve the right to change this block if it looks to be way too early, or much later than this anticipated date. If this needs to be done, we’ll give warning in our Discord

Trading ends: Traded tickets will not be counted toward the Mythic Draw if traded after the cutoff block.

The Mythic Draw: A Google Sheet will contain a list of all addresses that held Draw Tickets on Ethereum block 12,860,200. Next to each Ethereum address, there will be an upper and lower value where the difference between the two values is equal to the number of Draw Tickets that address had when the balance was finalized.

We will be selecting winners by generating integers between 1 and the total number of valid Draw Tickets in existence through If the number drawn is inside the range of the lower and upper values next to an address, that address is the winner.

Once all prizes have been drawn, we’ll reveal them live on stream come Tuesday, July 20 @ 6pm PDT. 

Prizes & Distribution

Chaos Card Backs: Not part of the draw itself, but a participation preward, the Chaos Card Backs are given to all wallets that hold over 800 Draw Tickets as of Ethereum block 12,860,200. While card back functionality is not yet available in-game, these are a gift from the future – being implemented in Gods Unchained later this year.

Trinkets & Boards: While trinkets and boards are not yet tradable on Immutable X, you’ll have them in your inventories to use in-game within a few weeks after the draw itself. There are 7,500 trinkets and boards to be won, and they are exclusive to this draw. 

Gold Core Cards: For the lucky winners of the Gold Core cards, these will be playable when trinkets and boards drop. Gold Core Cards won’t be minted/tradable until Stage 6 of the Immutable X Rollout, but you’ll be able to glide your Golds into the Arena within a few weeks from the Mythic Draw.

Checking tickets

If you have opened chests/packs recently and tickets are yet to be minted, you can see your total ticket amount on the sales page. Scroll down to the PRIZE DRAWS section and your amount will appear above the graph (make sure you are logged in). When tickets are minted, they will be minted as ERC-20 tokens. See the schedule above for minting times.

Good luck, mortals!