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Get ready for a double-take… this week’s update will be introducing a complete overhaul of the card fronts

We’re pretty hyped about the new look of the cards, let’s take a look at what inspired the changes and what we’re looking to achieve with the new designs.  

card fronts 2.0

1. Increase readability of cards in the game

We’re introducing a series of distinctive shapes to help players easily identify card types.

This will be represented like so: creatures (square), spells (circle), weapons (octagon), powers (spiked circle) and advantage (hexagon).  

This aims to make the selection process more streamlined during a match, when time is of the essence. 

2. Introduce unique God Suites

In addition to this, we’ve redesigned how gods are represented on the card.

We noted that there were some confusing colour clashes (e.g. between purple for Deception and the purple for Shadow quality) so the new designs will better differentiate between quality and your base god color

Each god will now have its own unique ‘Rosette’ enhancement in the top left corner that will border the colored mana crystal. 

The same individual symbol will also appear embossed on the lower-half of the card behind the card description.  

3. Increase the number of quality tiers 

The quality scale has increased from 4 to 7. The major changes have been added to the early stages - wedged between plain and shadow - so the full scale now looks like this:

  1. Plain
  2. Bronze (new)
  3. Iron (new)
  4. Meteorite (new)
  5. Shadow 
  6. Gold 
  7. Diamond

Importantly, all plain Genesis cards will be upgraded to Meteorite. This means any cards, past or future, will be one of the four top qualities. Future seasons and core cards will be awarded in all 7 flavors.

Core cards will also see the introduction of the new 7-level quality scale. An additional goal is to expand upon the existing tier system and provide a more diverse range of options for the quality and fusing system (which is releasing in the very near future!)

Expect more news in the coming days as the new card designs will be a major part of the 0.17 update dropping this week.

Be sure to hit us up on Discord or Reddit with any questions or feedback on the new designs.