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We just let everyone with a registered Apollo account into the Gods Unchained beta.

As we’ve ramped up over the last week, the response has been incredible. We’ve loved seeing your epic matches, last-minute comebacks, confused chickens, raving fans and shifting metas as we’ve kept on squashing bugs. In fact, since the release of the new client through Apollo, we’re seeing 10x more matches every single day.

But opening up the beta to you was just the first step on the road to taking Gods Unchained to a million players.

So where to from here?

Over the coming weeks, we will be adding in the last remaining genesis cards and god powers (including some fresh god power redesigns!).

Another huge focus is optimizing the performance of the game, especially on older devices and hardware not designed for gaming (like macs). Part of this effort includes introducing an entirely new game board which not only looks great but also will dramatically improve framerate and run smoothly on devices with little-to-no VRAM.

But that’s not all. Pretty soon we’re planning to run some awesome promotions (if you’re in the beta now, you’ll get a headstart on winning prizes), open the gates to those who weren’t on our waitlist, and introduce our play-to-earn system (which will effectively allow players to earn tradable assets just by playing the game!).

Finally, we are moving into a new 100 person office this week (which is overdue, I'm officially taking calls in the bathroom because we're outta space)! For the next 60 days, if you recommend someone who we end up hiring we’ll send you 10 ETH.

See you soon maaahh friend and don’t forget to swing by our discord!