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Play-to-Earn Profile #5 – LordDarktempler





Play-to-earn’s not just for the highest tier players, it’s a model made to benefit everyone. This week we had a chat to community member LordDarktempler from Germany about the benefits of P2E and bringing true card ownership to digital gaming. 

“I can sell my whole card collection if I stop playing someday and – with a bit of luck – the value of the collection will be worth more than what I originally paid.”

- LordDarktempler

What got you interested in Gods Unchained’s P2E model? 

With the play-to-earn model, I can buy in-game items and the money I’ve spent isn’t lost forever. Most free-to-play games are money sinks: once you stop playing, you’ll never get any money back as your in-game items are locked in an unused game account.

In Gods Unchained, I can sell my whole card collection if I stop playing someday and – with a bit of luck – the value of the collection will be worth more than what I originally paid. The freedom to sell cards makes Gods Unchained feel kind of like the original Magic the Gathering, where you can freely buy and sell cards as you like.

What’s the TCG community like in Germany?

We have just a few Gods Unchained players in Germany, but I hope this will change when Gods Unchained gets more popular. A German localization accompanied by a better local understanding of blockchain technology and its benefits would definitely help to get more players in the game.

Outside of Gods Unchained, we have a great Magic the Gathering community with regular events in most of the big cities. MtG Arena and Hearthstone are also very well-known in the gaming community.

What could you buy in the real world with your P2E weekly earnings?

Here in Germany the time/reward ratio is not as good as in other countries. The cost of living is too high and you have to play a lot if you want to pay any bills with these earnings. As a normal player with a job and a family, I cannot spend too much time playing, so I don’t play with the aim of acquiring weekly or monthly earnings.

Where do you see the future of the P2E model in gaming? 

I hope that the free-to-play industry will take a closer look at this model. Players tend to buy more in-game items when they know that these items have a real value and can be sold later. 

Eventually the gaming industry will realize that and will adopt this model widely. This process will take some time, but with every successful blockchain game and more knowledge about blockchain/crypto in the gaming community, this process will go on.

What do you like most about Gods Unchained? 

Gods Unchained stands out in the sea of blockchain games because it’s actually a fun game. Most blockchain games focus only on the blockchain/crypto aspect – if you remove this part, you’re left with a boring game with boring mechanics. No-one in their right mind would play these games if they were released in the normal gaming market.

Gods Unchained is an awesome game even without the blockchain part – it's simply using the blockchain to expand the user experience.

Do you have any advice for those who are looking to get into Gods Unchained and P2E? 

If you’re looking for a digital TCG that provides an experience reminiscent of real world TCGs, then Gods Unchained is the right game for you. 

But don't just come for the money! If you want to play at the top ranks you should invest time and money as a starting point. You can sell your cards later, and maybe you’ll even make a profit, but that should not be your main intention when coming to play Gods Unchained. 

Gods Unchained is a game and not a money machine. We need more players who are playing for fun!

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