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Stability Bundle – Closing the Loop





With this stability bundle, we are closing the loop on Update 0.32. When this update initially rolled out we noted some residual known issues that we were looking to address as soon as possible. This bundle should resolve those, as well as a few other fixes and upgrades!

  • We’ve completed the remaining work to do with Delve fixes, as first mentioned in the Update 0.32 blog. Cards that select another card from a non-board zone (ie deck, hand, Void), cards that delve a library card, Pick Ones, and Foresee have been impacted by this update. There should be no change to functionality for any card. This fix is entirely to smooth things out under the hood.
  • We have also fixed an issue where the Magic god power Discovery could trigger a soft lock in certain conditions. The game should now proceed normally when this god power is used.
  • We’ve continued our work on the upcoming Mythic card, Citadel of the Gods, and fixed an issue where this card would draw on the second turn if the player using it goes first. It will now be drawn on the first turn as intended.
  • Additionally, we’ve addressed an issue where Double Dealer would not update the number of cards in your opponent's hand until the end of the turn. 
  • As a final note, we have added the Olympian tribe to the card Tartessian Skirmisher.

As always, if you notice anything that seems out of sorts post-bundle, please let the Gods Unchained Team know by using the in-game bug reporter. This passes on all the necessary information and logs, so that we can effectively investigate your reports and vanquish those creepy-crawlies for good!

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