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The Genesis Set: Explained





What is a set?

A set is a collection of cards which are grouped by an event or a theme. Some sets may be limited releases and therefore only available for a certain amount of time. 

Other sets might be more regularly available for longer periods of time. Furthermore some sets may be available: for free by playing the game; through purchase or through other means.

What is the Genesis Set?

The Genesis Set is a limited edition set of 380 cards for the early adopters and fans of Gods Unchained. They will never be reprinted and contain cards which cannot be obtained otherwise.

These cards will be sold for the duration of the presale or until we reach 33,333 ETH in sales.

Genesis cards are automatically registered on the blockchain and can be both fused and sold/traded once the balancing beta period ends.

What is the Core Set?

The Core Set are the standard, base set of cards every player can acquire by playing Gods Unchained. When you create an account, login for the first time, level up and at other points you will get free Core packs of cards.

You can filter between Core and Genesis collections either by going to the “Inventory” tab in-game:

Or by logging in to the Gods Unchained official page and clicking the drop-down list for “Set”:

Core cards are NOT on the blockchain by default and any non-blockchain cards cannot be sold/traded (for now...)

We may reset/remove your Core cards during the Open Beta as we balance and test the system. To make it fair to all players every player will have their Core Cards reset to 0 when the game goes live so all players start from the same point.

NOTE: We will NOT remove any Genesis cards from your collection at any point.

What is fusing?

Fusing allows you to combine multiples of the same card to upgrade its quality. For example you will be able to combine 5 identical Plain Genesis cards to create 1 Shadow Genesis card.

What is trading?

Trading allows you to utilize the blockchain and realize the value of your cards by selling or trading them with other players. As noted above trading is planned to go live at the end of the Balancing Beta.

Remember time is running out on participating in the Genesis presale so don’t forget to grab some before they are sold out!

Still have questions? Drop by the official Gods Unchained Discord here.

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