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Tides of Fate: Crafting & Mythic Variants

Time to reignite the fires in the Forge… There are Mythic Variants abound!

Mortals! We’ve got the latest on Crafting and are excited to introduce Mythic Variants!

Let’s dive in! ​​

Crafting LIVE on Nov 1st at 11am AET

From this date on crafting exclusive Legendaries and Epics will be possible!

These are the Legendaries and Epics you’ll be able to craft:

To obtain these cards from Crafting you need to follow crafting recipes in the new upcoming crafting system:

Stay tuned for a Crafting guide coming soon. For now you can find more information on crafting in the Collector’s Guide here.

1/1 Mythic Variant #1: Blade of the Creator

A sword of a fallen god, infused with the power of the first being. This devastatingly blasphemous weapon can sever entire realms

Introducing Mythic Variants!

Mythic Variants are brand-new 1/1 versions of the Tides of Fate Legendaries, each with unique art, card frames and different ways to obtain them to make each 1/1 Mythic Variant a special part of your treasured collection.

How to get Mythic Variant #1

Players earn chances to obtain Mythic Variant #1 by collecting Tides of Fate cards, with the amount of entries you get being determined by what you have collected.

Entry requirements:

🔹 Complete Meteorite Legendary Collection: 20 Entries

🔹 Single Shadow Legendary: 5 Entries

🔹 Single Gold Legendary: 40 Entries

🔹 Single Diamond Legendary: 240 Entries

🔹 Single Divine Coronet Board: 480 Entries

❗Note: Legendaries that were given out to players for free as part of the Skirmish event, Glint, Draka Pride and Zaskia, Sentinel of Sartonia, do not qualify for this

Winner selection for Mythic Variant #1

The winner of Mythic variant #1 will be selected from a snapshot taken on Dec 24th 11am AEDT

The Winner will have the opportunity to receive their corresponding Mythic Variant after they complete their 18 Weekend Ranked games once they are chosen.

Mythic Variant #2 <Redacted>

Players who engage in Sealed Mode will have a chance to obtain Mythic Variant #2.

Entry requirements

Each 7-win run in Sealed Mode counts as 1 entry.

Note: This kicks off at a later date after we fix the Sealed deck peeking exploit, not now! Keep your eyes on our channels for updates

These are just the first two Mythic Variants for Tides of Fate Legendaries. Stay tuned to find out about the next ones and how you can collect them!

There’s no better time than now to collect the cards you need!