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Tides of Fate: Collector's Guide

Tides of Fate is the latest major expansion set from Gods Unchained, taking you far beyond the known horizons of Eucos to lands where dragons fly free and Sartonian-made machines roam the lands.

The set expands the world of Gods Unchained with 142 brand-new cards, containing 15 new Legendaries to collect, with 6 of those only obtainable through our new Crafting mechanic in the Forge.

The new Choose Your Faction feature introduces 2 unique Legendary Faction Hero cards and 1 dynamic cardback, all three of which the art and utility will be influenced by the results of faction skirmishes. Your actions will forever shape these cards!

Tides of Fate launches on October 25th 11am AET

In this post we’ll discuss all the avenues at your disposal to collect Tides of Fate cards, and share all the nitty gritty numbers that are important to you, the discerning collector.

So let’s dive in!

Set Design & Distribution

We have made some pretty comprehensive changes to how we are organizing the distribution of Tides of Fate cards with this latest set, taking into account feedback and learnings from past sets.

Our goal was to create a more engaging and dynamic experience for all Mortals by giving you new and fun ways to collect all the cards within Tides of Fate.

With Tides of Fate there are now 4 avenues players can tap into to collect all cards in the set:

🔹 Purchasing various Tides of Fate packs

🔹 Crafting exclusive cards by following recipes

🔹 Participating in Choose Your Faction Skirmishes

🔹 Winning packs and cards through game modes like Weekend Ranked and Sealed

We also wanted to make the rewards for performing well in Gods Unchained more meaningful and unique for everyone.  

So Tides of Fate has two kinds of packs:

🔹 Crystal Packs are the packs available for purchase in the Gods Unchained store.

🔹 Fate Packs are reward packs you can get through playing and winning Weekend Ranked matches.

These two packs have different card drop rates and there are cards that can only be found in Crystal Packs, but not in Fate packs, and vice versa.

This adds more dynamic avenues for players to collect all cards from Tides of Fate.

For a detailed breakdown on card drop rates and more, please reference the following page:


Now, without further ado, here’s the full breakdown of the Tides of Fate packs.

Crystal Packs Overview

These packs will only be available for purchase in the Gods Unchained store.

A new and important aspect of Tides of Fate is the decreasing drop rates for Legendaries over time:

Crystal Packs Legendary Drop Rates
Time Crystal Booster Crystal Super Booster Crystal Shiny Crystal Super Shiny
0 - 30 Days 0.1% 0.3% 5.0% 5.0%
30 - 60 Days 0.05% 0.15% 5.0% 5.0%
60+ Days 0.025% 0.075% 5.0% 5.0%

NOTE: As Crystal Shiny and Crystal Super Shiny packs are restricted to 1,500 and 500 packs respectively in total supply, they will not be impacted by changes to the Legendary Drop Rates.


Fate Packs Overview

These packs are only available as rewards through game modes like Weekend Ranked.

Fate packs are also subject to a decreasing Legendaries drop rate:

Crystal Packs Legendary Drop Rates
Time Fate Super Booster Fate Mega Booster
0 - 30 Days 0.5% 1.2%
30 - 60 Days 0.25% 0.6%
60+ Days 0.125% 0.3%


Craft Exclusive Tides of Fate cards

Tides of Fate includes a groundbreaking upgrade to the Crafting mechanic in Gods Unchained, with three big improvements to the Crafting experience:

🔹 Crafting will be integrated into the Forge

🔹 More dynamic and multifaceted crafting recipes to follow

🔹 12 exclusive Legendary and Epic cards only obtainable through Crafting

With these improvements to Crafting we’re pushing Gods Unchained forward by expanding the ways players can collect cards and enriching the player experience.

In Tides of Fate there are 6 exclusive Legendary and 6 exclusive Epic cards that can only be obtained through Crafting, one for each domain:

To obtain these cards you need to follow the specific crafting recipes shown below by using cards as inputs. These recipes will be rotated every month.

Card quality plays an important role in Crafting. For Legendary Crafting, if you want to obtain a specific quality of Legendary card output, you need the same card quality input:

🔹 10x Diamond Refractor Guardians as input, will give you 1 Diamond Wakian, Boundless Kinds as output

🔹 Simply put: quality input = quality output

For crafting Epic Tides of Fate cards you need to follow the exact recipe depicted in the graphics below, using the different quality cards indicated, as well as cards from previous sets of the quality indicated as inputs, to obtain the output shown.

You can obtain these qualities by Fusing cards in the Forge.

Learn more about Fusing in the Forge here

Please keep an eye out on our channels for a closer look at the new Crafting mechanic in the Forge.

Crafting recipes

There are 6 recipes for each of the 4 qualities, so in total 24 recipes for Legendaries.

Play Gods Unchained to Obtain Tides of Fate cards

We’ve taken a different approach from previous expansions by giving players various ways to collect the full Tides of Fate set.

So in addition to purchasing Crystal Packs, and Crafting Legendaries and Epics, Tides of Fate cards and packs are also obtainable by playing Gods Unchained, rewarding those who perform well in the game with Tides of Fate cards.

Choose Your Faction

Tides of Fate builds on the community events from Band of the Wolf and enhances this by giving players the options to choose a side: Draka or Sartonian.

These two sides will go head-to-head in Skirmishes, where the results will impact the cards and the narrative.

We will publish a separate post on the Choose Your Faction feature but for this guide three elements are important for collectors to consider: 2 Faction Hero Cards and 1 Tides of Fate Cardback.

Faction Hero Cards

Selecting a faction will give you access to both Faction Hero Cards in meteorite quality. The result of the final Skirmish will transform the art and utility of these two cards forever.

Sartonion Faction Hero Card
Draka Faction Hero Card


The cardback will be distributed after final skirmish to everyone who participates in the event. After each skirmish, the winning faction has their victory immortalized with a colored crystal.

Faction Skirmish Cardback

For now, you can learn more about Choose Your Faction in our Tides of Fate announcement blog post and on the Tides of Fate website.

Weekend Ranked

Tides of Fate packs can also be obtained through playing and winning Gods Unchained matches in Weekend Ranked, our free-to-play mode with special rewards for climbing the leaderboard every weekend.

For those who can't wait until October 25th for Tides of Fate, Fate packs will already be available in Weekend Ranked as rewards starting October 20th 11pm AEDT

Tides of Fate reward packs (i.e. Fate packs) will replace the current Mortal Judgment reward packs. Fate packs contain different cards from those obtainable in Crystal packs.

Find the full breakdown of Weekend Ranked rewards here

Sealed Mode

Sealed Mode is our premium mode with a 15 $GODS buy-in with win-based rewards. Tides of Fate cards will be available in Sealed Mode reward packs.

Sealed Mode has its own packs and drop rates, so please refer to the Tides of Fate Sealed Mode drop rates in the detailed breakdown.


Tides of Fate rewards in Sealed Mode will coincide with the launch on October 25th 11am AET.

Learn more about Sealed Mode rewards here

Realm Hoppers Trinkets

In addition to the Champion trinkets you can already win in Sealed Mode right now, we’re releasing new cosmetics with the launch of Tides of Fate. These new cosmetics will be part of the Cosmetic Packs rewards in Sealed Mode.

Collect the full Realm Hoppers set, including our small realm hopping friends Automabunn, Ekrileth, & Zid, and the special portals they used to search for Reios!

Trinket list non-exhaustive, find more in the detailed breakdown


Balancing Phase

As with each of our releases, Tides of Fate will be subject to a live balancing period known as the Balancing Phase post-release for 8 weeks.

This is a period when the Tides of Fate cards can be used by players in a live environment and our balance designers can monitor how each card is performing. During this time, the development team can make changes in response to any imbalances that might show up.

Once balancing is complete after 8 weeks, the Tides of Fate set will be “locked”, meaning that no further changes to the gameplay utility of the cards will be made.

If you want to learn more about the game’s balancing mechanics, methodology and process, please visit the Balance Charter.

Set Availability

Here’s a final rundown of the most important dates in the near future for collectors:

🔹 October 20th, 11pm AET: For those warriors playing Weekend Ranked on: you will be playing for Tides of Fate reward packs, i.e. Fate packs!

🔹 October 25th, at 11am AET: Tides of Fate officially launches! You will be able to purchase Crystal Packs through the Gods Unchained Store, and win Tides of Fate cards by playing Sealed Mode.

🔹 After October 25th: Legendary drop rates will be the highest in the first 30 days after launch, with reduction after that, and another reduction after 60 days. This reduction will not apply to Crystal Shiny and Crystal Super Shiny packs as they are restricted in the total supply that is available.

🔹 October 27th: First Choose Your Faction Skirmish

We can’t wait to see which cards you will collect, Mortals!



Update as of October 20th, 2023:

Hello Mortals!

We've received a ton of feedback on specific parts of the Collector's Guide and are making a few changes in response.

First off, we're improving the output of the recipe in the Epic Crafting to address supply concerns. Instead of just one Meteorite card, you’ll be receiving 20 meteorite cards and 1 diamond!

With that change, there may be a small delay to the crafting launch. We're still hoping to have it ready by ToF launch but will aim to launch it within a week of the set going live.

Additionally, we’ve bumped up the legendary drop rates in the Fate packs, with the goal of reducing the difficulty of grinding Fate cards while still having pack rewards feel meaningful. We'll update the Collector's Guide with all the changes, so please stay tuned!

We're also making some small changes to Sealed rewards (including $GODS rewards) which we'll announce early next week.

We understand there are a lot of different types of players and a lot of competing wants of the game, and we're hoping these changes end up making the game that much more rewarding for players engaging in Sealed, buying Crystal packs, Crafting, and playing Weekend Ranked.

We’ll also be rotating the recipes every month, with the goal of opening up crafting to more people in exchange for a lower output of cards to control supply.

We closely follow our community channels so please drop feedback into them!