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Top Trial of the Gods Cards: Apex Dad & CryptozNewb





Mortals only continue to amaze. The Arena is teeming with mighty decks worthy of song, and – while an epic ballad would be truly fantastic – the next best thing is the Community Picks series. Here, mortals show off the most powerful, loveable, special, or downright meme-worthy Trial of the Gods cards in their collection. 

This week we have Apex Dad (Twitter) and CryptozNewb (Twitch | Hive | Publish0x | Medium) who are looking at Trial of the Gods cards from vastly different sides of the mana wheel.


Trial of the Shadows: 

Apex Dad: Trial of the Shadows is for me one of the most underrated cards in the new set. The ability to fill your board is priceless. Preferably you would try to get this card out after a board clear and begin smacking your opponent with shadow cats!

With these dark fluff balls gaining Hidden at the end of your turn, you don't have to worry about them being directly targeted. On top of this, at the start of your turn each one of them deals 1 damage to your opponent. And so the fight begins putting your opponent on a clock. *Mocking laugh* Deal with me or perish!

Caller of the Hunt: 

Apex Dad: As a Nature main, this Amazon card has been amazing. With many of the Nature cards being Confused, Caller of the Hunt allows you to create value out of attacks even if they do not hit the intended target. Did I already mention that Caller of the Hunt is an Amazon? This means it syncs up well with Myrto's Daughter or Arkmonian Onslaught. 

The best part is that Caller of the Hunt can be used solo, providing solid 5/5 stats with regen and dealing 2 damage when smacking a creature. *Gulps some wine* Lets get this HUNT started! Nothing better than drinks with a Spear.

CryptozNewb: For my favorite Trials of the Gods cards, I'm going to go with two low cost Rares. I'm a fan of Death decks in general, and Soul Burn has long been one of my favorite powers. Both of these cards really help revive the Death Zoo decks, which were not doing that well for a while.

Skull Scepter

CryptozNewb: Skull Scepter has a lot of haters at the moment. But I think it's a much needed addition to the meta as it works as a decent counter against removal-heavy decks. With only 1 durability, it is easily destroyed – but if it sticks around for a while it can really make a difference!

This relic is a great addition to the game for Death decks, both thematically and in regards to the meta. 

Student of Society

CryptozNewb: As for the Student of Society, this is just a great turn one play, especially if you can pair it with another 1 mana drop that summons two creatures, such as the Cardshark and Expectant Chicken. Then follow-up on turn two with more creatures and you're already thinking about picking cards from the Sanctum! 

I call this "The Lumpkin Special" because he was the first I saw to play this card. Watching him get great value from the Student in his Death Zoo deck inspired me to include it in my own. And I was very happy with the results! The Student is a long-term threat that your opponent is forced to respond to when they would probably rather be targeting more aggressive cards.

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