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Top Trial of the Gods Cards: shaleby & themudman





Mortals are wild beings, some lead armies of cats into battle, while others wield the power to shatter the very souls of their opponents. Here, mortals show off the most powerful, loveable, special, or downright meme-worthy Trial of the Gods cards in their collection. 

This week we have shaleby (Twitch | Twitter) and TST's themudman (Twitch | Twitter ) who have chosen Trial of the Gods cards from a variety of domains.

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Jaguar Staff

shaleby: I was gonna say Shadow of Lethanon, but Apex Dad did Trial of the Shadows which is just Shadow of Lethanon x6, so he basically covered it! Instead I’ll talk about a card that summons a different type of cat – Jaguar Staff!

It’s been a little hard to fit into the meta with the recent nerfs, but it’s the card that initially got up to Mythic when Trial of the Gods was first released. Having blitz makes it a great last-minute threat to pull out when you’ve got an enemy creature on its last legs. Being able to summon 2 Black Jaguars for free is another awesome bonus. It’s basically 4 damage and two 2-cost creatures for only 5 mana, which still isn’t bad! Besides, it’ll always have a place in my Cat Meme Deck!

Ironclad Minotaur

shaleby: Ironclad Minotaur is an absolute must-have for people like me who missed out on the Genesis set. I may not have Demogorgons to put enemies to sleep, but I always run 2x Ironclad Minotaur to wake my creatures up!

On top of that, having protected usually ensures it survives long enough to deal damage to the opponent, and ward on your god keeps you safe from Form of Unity for another turn! It’s so multi-purpose, and since it’s a common Trial of the Gods card, it’s easy for low-cost decks to run. I think it’s a must-have for newer players trying to keep up with Gods Unchained veterans.

Soul Shatter

themudman: With the announcement of the October 28th balance patch, Soul Shatter has quickly become one of my favorite cards. On the 28th, the card was buffed. Now Soul Shatter is a 3 mana spell that destroys a creature with mana cost 3 or lower. A 3 mana spell that takes out a Black Jaguar, or a Pyramid Warden sounds sort of “meh”, but this card really shines when creature buff cards, like Canonize, and Out of Its Misery, are prevalent on the ladder. 

Destroying a 5/7 Canonized Skeleton Heavy with one 3 mana spell feels really powerful. When playing against a deck the doesn’t buff cheap creatures, Soul Shatter can still singlehandedly destroy a Pyramid warden, which is pretty good. Ultimately, Soul Shatter is a unique “hard removal” card that only really shines in certain circumstances. When your opponent spends their turn buffing a small creature, Soul Shatter shatters their dreams.


themudman: Now that Trial of the Gods cards have entered into the game, many new deck archetypes have been popping up on the ladder. One of my favorite new decks is Aether Magic. Trial of the Gods introduced a ton of new Aether cards, and out of all of them, I think Archvisionist is the most unique. Receiving a random spell from its Roar might sound like a dice roll, but Magic has very few 1 mana spells, and those spells perform similar tasks, making Archvisionist much more consistent than other cards that specify "random" in their text. 

Magic has a total of seven 1 mana spells. Each of the cards has their own quirks, but essentially four of them draw a card, while the other three deal 2 damage. Since Aether decks are primarily tempo oriented, both drawing into more threats and damaging your opponent’s board are really good things – so Archvisionist’s 1 mana spells are almost always useful. On top of that, the 4/5 body is nothing to scoff at either. Archvisionist is just a solid card with enough variance to make it fun every time it’s played, and it fits perfectly in this fresh, new tempo Magic archetype.

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