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The next set of upcoming UI updates





Greetings Mortals, 

It’s that time of the week again. We have a short but sweet list of upcoming UI changes for you in the near future. But before we dive into them, let’s recap the aim of these blog posts. 

Our goal is and will always be the game that helps onboard millions of gamers into web3. And we’re genuinely grateful to you, our early community members, as we rely on you to help shape the game design with your valuable feedback and input. Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve started an open dialogue, and a two-way communication loop, which we hope gives you more access to our dev team. In return, you get first-hand knowledge and an understanding of why we make the decisions we do each time. 

Starting this week, we’d like to take this conversation slightly further. We’ll share even more visibility into the product developments of the roadmap in an attempt to be more transparent. However, when building a game in which players get close to real-time updates, it will be natural to sometimes pivot from plans due to unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, while we’ll be able to give you a glimpse of what’s being worked on, we may not always be able to share an exact timeline of when the updates will occur until much closer to release dates. 

We understand that you’d want critical time-bound information such as bug fixes, patch notes, and downtime, and we will continue to communicate those as we always do in real-time. 

So with that in mind, let’s dive into the UI developments in the works as we speak!

Sanctum Follow-up Updates

In case you missed it, last week, we shared all the exciting changes that’ll affect the Sanctum soon. Here’s another look at the new modal screen for the Sanctum, which will also ensure an even more simplified information flow for players. Go dev team! 

Get a refresher on the Sanctum’s refresh in this blog post.

Unified Global Card Modals

As part of the improved void view network code hinted at last week, we’re also sharing the updated designs of unified card interface screens. The aim is to have a unified design for all card screens in-game. There will be synergy improvements for all screens. One early improvement is a card counter of that view. Have a look at the video from the team below.

Other void changes include a new card rendering for the User interface. This new card rendering has text paragraph improvements to better make use of the silhouette of the card art.  The video below shows a developer prototype of this card rendering for the UI screens. The new 2D card implementation makes it much easier to read cards don’t you think? These card changes will roll out initially to the Void view and eventually to other parts of the UI.

Do note the order of the cards showing up in the void is switched; the latest card is still the first one you will see as a player. However, the order of traversal is switched from left to right.  Therefore, the scroll bar will act as a timeline, where leftmost cards = latest, and rightmost cards = earliest to enter the void. We are adding this information to Tutorial Mission 3, which teaches new players about the void.

These are all the features in development for the near future, so let us know what you think in Discord!