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Game Update 0.32 – Delving Deeper





Update 0.32 – Delving Deeper is a small but important update addressing some underlying aspects of the game. The star of this release is a critical update to the Delve mechanic, with some additional stability work under the hood for good measure.

Fixing Delve

In a world before 0.32, playing two subsequent cards with Delve effects could cause the game to lock up, resulting in the turn timer arrow not flipping over to the opponent’s turn. This is now fixed. Player reports play a critical role in identifying and addressing these. If you notice any new issues, please use the in-game bug reporter where you can.

Most issues relating to Delve are resolved with Update 0.32, though there is a small set involving Void interactions that will be addressed in a future stability release.

Clarifying Error Messages

We’ve made good progress on some of the work that we first started in Update 0.31, and have fixed an issue that was causing errors during the loading screen to not display the full popup message correctly for error G320. This has been corrected and will now be much easier to read and understand.

Server Stability Improvements

On occasions, the server would sometimes fail to load players’ card decks which could cause a server-side crash. That's a thing of the past; you’ll now be able to load into games with even greater stability than ever before.

A Fix of Mythical Proportions

The Trial of the Gods Mythic Card, Citadel of the Gods, has an interesting mechanic, but in testing it wasn't working as intended. The opponent wasn't able to use the relic equipped by the card’s gameplay effect. This has now been resolved and all players will be able to use the Champion’s relics as intended. 

No one owns Citadel of the Gods yet, so keep an eye out for the upcoming Mythic Draw to be in with your chance to win this one-of-a-kind card!

Known Issue: Special Characters

An eagle-eyed player from our subreddit helped us to identify an issue that was causing error message G400 to show up for some players. Using certain special characters in your Gods Unchained username, such as “Ö/ö” or “Ü/ü”, could cause the loading screen to get stuck at 'Retrieving Session Config'. If you find that you are running into this issue, this may be the cause! We'll be looking to address this in a future update.

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